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Minister, Hampton, George
141. Minister, Hampton, George
Minister, Hargett, Ira M.
142. Minister, Hargett, Ira M.
Minister, Harshman, Lorenzo A.
143. Minister, Harshman, Lorenzo A.
Minister, Hartman, John T.
144. Minister, Hartman, John T.

Minister, Hause, Alvin G.
145. Minister, Hause, Alvin G.
Minister, Haw, Marvin T.
146. Minister, Haw, Marvin T.
Minister, Hayes, R. B.
147. Minister, Hayes, R. B.
Minister, Higgins, Oscar
148. Minister, Higgins, Oscar

Minister, Hislop, Edward
149. Minister, Hislop, Edward
Minister, Horace F. Holton
150. Minister, Horace F. Holton
Minister, Hyde, Henry N.
151. Minister, Hyde, Henry N.
Minister, Ireland, Hugh
152. Minister, Ireland, Hugh

Minister, Jones, Albert M.
153. Minister, Jones, Albert M.
Minister, Koehler, Clyde H.
154. Minister, Koehler, Clyde H.
Minister, Mason, Wilbur N.
155. Minister, Mason, Wilbur N.
Minister, McCabe, F. X.
156. Minister, McCabe, F. X.

Minister, McCaffrey, F.
157. Minister, McCaffrey, F.
Minister, McCarey, William P.
158. Minister, McCarey, William P.
Minister, Moore, J. Emmett
159. Minister, Moore, J. Emmett
Minister, Murphy, Andrew J.
160. Minister, Murphy, Andrew J.