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341. 50% Expansion Doubles Capacity 50% Expansion Doubles Capacity Detailed description of the revamped and expanded water plant, with descriptions of the "original plant constructed in 1924-7" and improvements in 1941, with several photos.

342. 5,000 Miles to the Sneaker 5,000 Miles to the Sneaker Photos and biographical article about E. John Coonjohn, a prominent "Kansas City jogger" expecting "to set the world record for miles jogged in a year: 5,000-plus," by day a 51-year-old civil rights investigator...

343. A Bride for a Lawyer A Bride for a Lawyer Announcement of the marriage of "Mrs. Virginia Callaway" of Lenexa, Kansas to Kansas City lawyer Wallace Sutherland, moving together to their new home at "Quality Hill Towers, 707 West [10th Street]."

344. 54-Year China Trip Ends 54-Year China Trip Ends Biographical article about Mrs. Anna M. Chuning, returning from a 54-year-long stay in China as a member of the American Christian missionary movement, changing her name there to Ann Chuning Hsiao. Photos,...

345. 50 Largest Area Employers. .. 50 Largest Area Employers. .. Table listing the top 50 largest Kansas City area employers in 1984, with the following top notables: (1) federal government, (2) General Motors Corporation, (3) Bendix Corporation, (4) Missouri state...

346. A Bibliographical Note on the Civil War in the West A Bibliographical Note on the Civil War in the West Bibliography with some notes on materials available about the Civil War west of the Mississippi River.

347. A 25-Year Milestone A 25-Year Milestone Article reports the honoring of City Market area leader Mel Mallin upon the 25th anniversary of the founding of the River Market Business Association. Mallin and others are credited with helping to create...

348. 5 Dead, Many Missing in Flood 5 Dead, Many Missing in Flood Photo of cars floating toward the Plaza tennis courts and description of damages, power outages, etc.

349. Film Producer Hailed Film Producer Hailed Biographical article about James Merrick, "a Kansas City film producer" honored by the Ad 11 Club (or Junior Advertising Club) for his work on movies such as a "recently completed film on the history of...

350. 1996 in Review: or, Hey Pal, Macarena This! 1996 in Review: or, Hey Pal, Macarena This! Describes political, social, and other highlights from 1996.

351. Fifty Years of It Fifty Years of It File containing a photocopy of a reprint of an autobiographical article by William Allen White (1868-1944), former journalist of Kansas City and especially Emporia, Kansas.

352. 28 Years of Cable Cars in Kansas City 28 Years of Cable Cars in Kansas City Article about the history and unique facts about cable cars and street railways other than the electric type in Kansas City, detailing each company, with photos.

353. A Balancing Act A Balancing Act Photos and article about the "challenges in managing the phenomenal growth" in the city of Lee's Summit (in southeastern Jackson County) by balancing "residential and commercial growth," etc.

354. 50 Years Strong 50 Years Strong Subtitle to article reads: "Jasper's Continues Tradition of Red Sauce and Sicilian Flavor." Article reviews Jasper's Restaurant located at 1201 W. 103rd Street in Kansas City, Missouri.

355. A Bit about New Santa Fe A Bit about New Santa Fe File containing the article about the history of the town of New Santa Fe in southwestern Jackson County, in Washington Township at about 121st and State Line Roads.

356. 3000 Career Hits: George Brett 3000 Career Hits: George Brett Collectors Edition of the Kansas City Star chronicles life and career of George Brett.

357. 1886 Tornado 1886 Tornado The Lathrop grade school at 6th and May Streets was destroyed by a cyclone on May 11, 1886. 15 children were killed when the belfrey crashed through the roof.

358. 9 More in the Hot Seat: PAYDATA 9 More in the Hot Seat: PAYDATA Photo and description of Drew Hiss, president and owner with his wife Sara Hiss of Paydata or PAYDATA, a business "provid[ing] payroll processing, as well as personnel data services on an outsource basis,"...

359. 1957 Tornado 1957 Tornado Information on the destructive tornado of May 20, 1957.

360. A 1940s Pastime A 1940s Pastime Photo of the Plaza Bowl on Nichols Road as it looked in the 1940s. It was closed following the 1977 Brush Creek flood.