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Sanborn Maps Collection

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     12th Street Corner
     2nd Plat of Preston Place


     A. B. H. McGee's Addition
     A. F. Denny's 1st Addtition
     A. Frederick's Addition
     A. H. Coyle's Highland Spring Addition
     A. H. Hoge's Re-Survey
     A. J. Lloyd's Subdivision
     A. J. Snider's Place
     A. M. Thompson's Subdivision
     A. N. Sadler Addition
     A. O. Thompson's 1st Addition
     A. P. Busey's Subdivision
     A. T. Jalquist's 1st Addition
     A. Witte's Addition
     Abington Court
     Abington Park
     Abington Park No. 2
     Abston Place Addition
     Ackerman Garden
     Ackerman Place
     Ackerman's Place
     Adaline Heights
     Adam's 1st Addition
     Adam's 2nd Addition
     Agnes Gregory Heights
     Albany Addition
     Aldine Place
     Alexander Park
     Alexander Park Re-Survey
     Alexander Place
     Allen's Subdivision
     Alta Vista
     Altamont Subdivision
     Amanda Place
     Ambrose Place
     Ambrose Salisbury's Resurvey
     Amelia Place
     Anderson and Maywood Addition
     Anderson Park
     Anderson Place
     Anderson's Addition
     Anderson's Subdivision
     Andrew T. Jallguist's First Addition
     Andrew's 1st Addition
     Annie Spink
     Ansley's Resurvey
     Appel's First Addition
     Arbor Villa
     Arcade Annex
     Arcade Place
     Arlington Addition
     Arlington Heights
     Armour Fields
     Armour Heights Addition
     Armour Hills
     Armour Hills Gardens Addition
     Armour Lawn
     Armour Park
     Armstrong's Addition
     Arnold's Resurvey of T. G. Cross's Addition
     Arnold's Second Addition
     Aronson's Subdivision
     Arva Lawn
     Arvol Lawn
     Asbury Heights
     Ashbrook Investment Company's Addition
     Ashburn's Addition
     Ashcroft Addition
     Ashland Heights
     Ashland Park
     Askew's Addition
     Astor Place
     Austin's Addition
     Avondale Park
     B. E. Dye's Subdivision
     B. Jackson's Subdivision
     Baighton Park
     Baker Place
     Bales Orchard Addition
     Bales Park
     Balis Addition
     Balis Place
     Balis Subdivision
     Ballard Place
     Bank Street Block
     Banta Place
     Barker's Addition
     Barne's Addition
     Bartlett Place
     Barzen Place
     Basye Terrace Addition
     Beach's Subdivision
     Beacon Hill
     Beacon Hill Addition
     Beacon Hill Annex
     Beacon Hill Park
     Beacon Hill Place
     Beacon Hill Subdivision
     Beatty Place
     Beaufort Addition
     Bedye's Subdivision
     Beecher Heights
     Beecher's Subdivision
     Bell's Subdivision
     Belle Alto
     Belle Haven
     Belle Meade Addition
     Bellemere Place
     Belleview Place
     Bellview Springs
     Belmont Heights
     Belvidere Place
     Bend Place
     Bentley's Springfield Addition
     Benton Heights
     Benton Lawn
     Benton Place
     Benton Ridge Addition
     Benton View Addition
     Berkeley Place
     Bernard Place
     Bethesda Place
     Bethesda Place Annex
     Bethesda Place No. 2
     Bethsaida Springs
     Beulah Place
     Beverly Heights
     Bidwell's Subdivision
     Bischofsberger's First Addition
     Bismarck Place
     Blackmar's Re-Survey
     Blackmar's Resurvey
     Blair Place
     Blenheim Addition
     Block "A" Wornall Homestead
     Block "C" of William Parish's Subdivision
     Bloomfield Addition
     Blue Avenue Park
     Blue Avenue Park Addition
     Blue Banks Extension
     Blue Hills
     Blue Hills Addition
     Blue Hills Club Addition
     Blue Hills Garden
     Blue Ridge Park
     Boden Park Addition
     Boden Place
     Boehm's Addition
     Bogg's Addition
     Bond Heights
     Bonfils Heights
     Bonfils Place
     Bonhame Addition
     Boston Heights
     Boughton's Addition
     Boulevard Place
     Bouton Park
     Bouton's 2nd Addition
     Bouton's Addition
     Bower's First Subdivision
     Bower's Second Subdivision
     Bowling Green
     Bowling Green Addition
     Bowman's Subdivision
     Boyd Heights Subdivision
     Boynton Place
     Bradford's Heights
     Branham's Subdivision
     Brent's Addition
     Brewster Grove Addition
     Brigham's 2nd Addition
     Brigham's 3rd Addition
     Brigham's Addition
     Brighton Heights
     Brighton Park
     Bristol Addition
     Broadland Addition
     Broadmoor Addition
     Broadmoor Court Addition
     Broadway Addition
     Broadway Park
     Broadway Plaza
     Brockman's Addition
     Brooklyn Heights
     Brooklyn Heights Addition
     Brooklyn Hill Addition
     Brooklyn Park
     Brooklyn Summit
     Brooklyn View
     Brookside Park
     Brougham Park
     Brown and Brook's Subdivision
     Brown and Swan's Addition
     Brownwood Park
     Brunig Place Addition
     Buckner Place
     Buckner's First Addition
     Budd Park Place
     Buena Vista
     Bugbee Place
     Bullene, Moore and Emery's Addition
     Bungalow Hill
     Bunker Addition
     Bunker Hill
     Bunker Hill No. 2
     Burge Park
     Butler Addition
     C. A. Dannaker Sr.'s Addition
     C. A. Dannaker's Subdivision
     C. F. Quest
     C. Glunz Subdivision
     C. H. Luce's Addition No. 1
     C. H. Luce's Second Addition
     C. H. Pratt's Park Avenue Addition
     C. H. Pratt's Vine Street Addition
     C. J. Piper
     C. J. Piper's 1st Addition
     C. L. Durbrow Resurvey
     C. L. King's First Addition
     C. S. Piper
     Calkin's Addition
     Callahan's Subdivision
     Cambridge Court
     Campbell Block Land
     Campbell's Addition
     Canine Place
     Capitol Hill
     Capitol View
     Carlat Place
     Carlisle Place
     Carlton Place
     Carolyn Addition
     Carroll Ridge
     Carson and Morton Park
     Casparmohr's First Addition
     Castleton Addition
     Cate Addition
     Catherine Purdom's Addition
     Catherine Purdom's Residence Lot
     Cecil Heights
     Cedar Springs
     Central Park
     Central Place
     Chadwick Block
     Chadwick's 2nd Addition
     Chadwick's Addition
     Chadwick's Subdivision
     Chalmette Resurvey
     Chamberlain's 1st Addition
     Chamberlain's Addition
     Chaplin Place
     Charles E. Hasbrook's 1st Addition
     Charles E. Hasbrook's 2nd Addition
     Charles E. Phillip's 2nd Addition
     Charles F. Finlay's 4th Subdivision
     Charles F. Finlay's Co. 1st Subdivision
     Charles F. Finlay's Co. 2nd Subdivision
     Charles F. Finlay's Co. 5th Subdivision
     Charles F. Quest's 2nd Addition
     Charles F. Quest's Addition
     Chase Subdivision
     Chautauqua Place
     Chellis and Dudley's First Addition
     Chelsea Park
     Chelsea Place
     Cherry Stake Groves Addition
     Cherry's Roanoke Park
     Chester Park
     Chestnut Addition
     Chestnut Heights
     Chestnut Place
     Chick and Krull's Addition
     Chick's Addition
     Chick's Subdivision
     Chouteau Court
     Chowning View Addition
     Chris Kohlmeyer's Addition
     Chris Kohlmeyer's Subdivision
     Christian Glunz Estate
     Christian Hellman's Estate
     City Park Addition
     City View Park
     Clarice Place
     Clarington Fugitt Addition
     Clark's Southmoreland
     Clarkton Addition
     Clatanoff and Stowes Subdvision
     Cleveland Heights
     Cleveland Park
     Cliff Drive Park
     Clifton Heights
     Clinton Place
     Clouser and Cole Addition
     Clover Hill
     Club Ridge
     Coate's Addition
     Coate's and Hopkin's 2nd Addition
     Coate's and Hopkin's 8th Street Subdivision
     Coate's and Hopkins 12th Street Addition
     Cobb's Addition
     Cockins Addition
     Coddington Place
     Coe's Addition
     Coffin Place
     Coffman's Addition
     Col. E. M. McGee's Subdivision
     Cole Grove
     Coleman Highlands
     Coleman Place
     Coleman's 1st Addition
     Coleman's Addition
     Coleman's Place
     College Hill
     Collin's Addition
     Collinhurst Addition
     Colonial Gardens
     Colonial Gardens Addition
     Colonial Gardens Court
     Colonial Heights Addition
     Colonial Heights Addition No. 2
     Colvin and Cadwell First Addition
     Commissioner's Plat of Forest Park
     Commissioner's Plat of Wirtman's Estate
     Commonwealth Addition
     Concord Court
     Concord Place
     Condon's Seven Oaks Addition
     Conklin's Subdivision
     Conneaut Park
     Conover and Foster's Addition
     Conrad and Nixon's 2nd Addition
     Conrad and Nixon's First Addition
     Convent Place
     Cook's Addition
     Cook's Place
     Coolbaugh's Subdivision
     Coolbruch's Subdivision
     Coomber Place
     Cooper's Addition
     Cora Belle Place
     Corbin Park
     Corbin Place
     Corder and Boyd Subdivision
     Corder Heights #2
     Corder Heights Addition
     Corder's Addition
     Cornell's Addition
     Cosby's Addition
     Cottage Place
     Country Club Heights
     Country Club Plaza
     Country Club Ridge
     Countryside Extension
     Courtney's Addition
     Couser's and Cole's Addition
     Cowan Park
     Cowgill Hill
     Cowherd and Denny Addition
     Cowherd's Brooklyn Addition
     Cowherd's Brooklyn Hills Addition
     Cowherd's S. Vine Street Addition
     Cowherd's Vine Street Addition
     Cowherd's Woodland Addition
     Cowherd's Woodland Avenue Addition
     Cox's Addition
     Cox's Subdivsion
     Craig's Subdivision
     Creston Addition
     Creswell Place
     Creswell Place Addition
     Crosby Place
     Crouse and Wittich's Addition
     Crow & Nelson's 1st Addition
     Cumberland Place
     Cumberland Ridge
     Cunningham Manor
     Cunningham Park
     Cunningham Place
     Cusenbary Homestead


     D. A. Harrington's Subdivision
     D. E. Dickerson's Addition
     D. J. McMillen's 1st Addition
     D. K. Mitchell
     D. L. Anthony's Addition
     D. O. Smart's Addition
     D. O. Smart's Subdivision
     D. S. Long's Subdivision
     D. W. Towner's Addition
     D. Walk Place
     Dalcoulin Addition
     Daniel W. Powers Addition
     Daniel's Addition
     Darr's Addition
     David Walk Place
     Davis Park
     Davis Place
     Davis Place Addition
     De Groff Way
     De Groff's Place
     Dean's Addition
     Deardorff Place
     Deer Hollow
     Deer View
     DeGroff Place
     DeGroff Way
     Delmonico Place
     Demarest Place
     Depot Addition
     Deppen's Addition
     Detroit Place
     Dewey Heights Addition
     Dewey Park
     Dewey Place
     Dickinson Place
     Dickson and Parker's Addition
     Dickson Park
     Dickson Place
     Dixon Place
     Dobson and Douglas Subdivision
     Donaldson's Addition
     Doris Marie Addition
     Dougherty and Hense 1st Addition
     Dowling's Addition
     Downing's Re-Survey of Longview Place
     Drury Heights
     Dudley Addition
     Dudley and Cook's Addition
     Dudley and Hornbeck's Allotment
     Dudley and Hornbeck's Plat
     Dudley and Quimby's Addition
     Dudley's 37th Addition
     Dudley's Eighth Addition
     Duffey's Addition
     Duffy Addition
     Dunbar Park Addition
     Dundee Park
     Dundee Place
     Dunlop Place
     Dunveigh Heights
     Duquesne Heights
     Duvall Addition
     Dyer Place
     Dykington Place
     E. A. Axtell's Subdivision
     E. A. Phillips' Addition
     E. A. Phillips' Subdivision
     E. E. Steele's Addition
     E. G. Dudley Place
     E. H. Webster's Subdivision
     E. L. Brown's Subdivision
     E. M. Smith's Subdivision
     E. W. Hay's First Addition
     East 9th Street Addition
     East Cottage Place
     East Dundee
     East Dundee Addition
     East Hampton
     East Kansas
     East Kensington
     East Linwood
     East Lynne Addition
     East Manchester
     East Mayburn
     East Melrose
     East Ridgeway
     East Santa Fe Addition
     East Side Place
     Eastlake Addition
     Eastside Place
     Eaton Place
     Edgewood Heights
     Edmund Price's Addition to Westport
     Edna Place
     Edward G. Dudley Place
     Edward McDonnell's First Addition
     Edwin and Lockwood's First Addition
     Edwin E. Arnold Addition
     Edwin E. Arnolds Resurvey
     Elder's Addition
     Ellerslie Place
     Ellison and Murdock Addition
     Ellison Park
     Elm Grove Addition
     Elm Heights
     Elm Park
     Elm Ridge Heights
     Elm Ridge Park
     Elm Ridge Plaza
     Elmwood Park
     Emerson's Resurvey
     Emery Place
     Emery's 2nd Addition
     Englewood Plaza
     English's 1st Addition
     English's Addition
     Epperson Place
     Erskine Addition
     Esslinger Place
     Estate of Thomas West
     Estes Park
     Estill Brother's 1st Addition
     Etzold Place
     Euclid Grove
     Euclid Place
     Evan's 1st Addition
     Evan's Addition
     Evan's Home Addition
     Evanston Addition
     Evanston Golf Land
     Evanston Golf Land Addition
     Evanston Heights
     Evanston Lawn
     Evanston Park
     Evanston Park Addition
     Evanston Park Drive Addition
     Evergreen Heights
     Evergreen Summit
     Ewing Heights
     Exposition Place
     F. A. Wood's Addition
     F. J. Baird's Addition
     Fairfield Place
     Fairland Heights Addition
     Fairmount Park
     Fairmount Park Addition
     Fairview Place
     Fairyland View
     Famous Hills
     Fancher and Day's Subdivision
     Fanshaw Place
     Farley Ridge
     Farmer's Addition
     Faulkner Place
     Felton's Addition
     Field's Resurvey
     Finsbury Park
     Fischer Addition
     Flacy's Subdivision
     Flacy's Swope Park Subdivision
     Fldes Addition
     Fleming Park
     Flora Avenue Grove
     Floral Park
     Floral Place
     Florence Court
     Flournoy Heights
     Flournoy's Addition
     Folsom Heights
     Folsom Park
     Ford and Whitworth's Addition
     Ford and Whitworth's Subdivision
     Forest Grove
     Forest Hill
     Forest Home
     Forest Park
     Forest Park No. 2
     Forest Place
     Fountian Place
     Frances Place
     Frank J. Smith's Addition
     Franklin Place
     Fred C. Goodwin's Park Addition
     Fred K. Mullett
     Fred W. Zurn Paseo View
     Frederick Mullett Addition
     Frederick's Addition
     Frey's Place
     Freyman's Addition


     G. G. Frost
     G. J. Fackler's Subdivision
     G. M. Nichol's Resurvey of Ravenswood
     Gafford Place
     Gage's Addition
     Galley's Addition
     Garden Hill
     Garden Place
     Garfield Heights
     Garfield Park
     Garfield Place
     Garfield Square
     Garfield Summit
     Garland Place
     Garland's Resurvey
     Garrick Place
     Gash's Addition
     Gate's Addition
     Gate's and Wyatt's Addition
     Gate's Second Addition
     Gate's Third Addition
     Gee's Summit
     Genessee Ridge
     George A. Nelson Subdivision
     George Hick's Subdivision
     George J. Fackler's Subdivision
     George L. Brown's Resurvey
     George Law's Addition
     George W. Warder's Addition
     George's Addition
     George's Subdivision
     German Building Association Subdivision
     Gertrude Place
     Gillis Addition
     Gladstone Court
     Gladstone Heights
     Gladstone Heights Subdivision
     Gladys Place
     Glover's Addition
     Gonneaut Park
     Goodell Place
     Goodin Place
     Goodrich Addition
     Goodrich Place
     Goodwin Park
     Gordon Heights
     Gordon Place
     Gordon's Addition
     Gosnell Addition
     Gosnell Place
     Graceland Heights
     Grady's Addition
     Graham Place
     Graham Plaza Addition
     Graham's Addition
     Grand Avenue Highlands
     Grand View Subdivision
     Grandview Subdivision
     Grandy's Addition
     Gray-Parker Addition
     Gray's Subdivision
     Green Lawn
     Green's Park
     Greenview Addition
     Greenway Fields
     Gregg's Place
     Gregory Park Addition
     Gregory Place
     Gregory Place No. 2
     Grouse and Wittich's Addition
     Guinotte Subdivsion
     Guinotte's Addition
     Guinotte's Bluff
     Guinotte's Bluff Addition
     Gushurst Subdivision
     H. E. Henwood 2nd Addition
     H. Eastman
     H. H. Hoge's Addition
     H. L. McElroy's Addition
     H. McLee
     H. W. Armfield's 1st Addition
     H. W. Zurn's Subdivision
     Hadwick's Subdivision
     Haefner's 2nd Addition
     Haefner's Addition
     Haefner's First Addition
     Haefner's Subdivision
     Hale Addition
     Hall Park
     Hall's Hill
     Halliday Place
     Halloway Place
     Halsey and Dudley's Addition
     Hamden Place
     Hamilton Hill
     Hamlin's Addition
     Hammet and Porter's 1st Addition
     Hampden Parkway
     Hampstead Gardens
     Hampton Place
     Hancock Place
     Hanna's Addition
     Hannah Kennedy
     Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad Company's Subdivision
     Hanover Court
     Hanover Place
     Hardesty Park
     Hardesty Place
     Hardwood Place
     Harris Addition
     Harris and Camp's Addition
     Harris Subdivision
     Harrison Boulevard Place
     Harrison Meadows
     Harrison's Park Addition
     Harrison's Subdivision
     Harry Bliss 3rd Addition
     Harry L. Bliss Subdivision
     Hartley Addition
     Harwood Place
     Hasson Park
     Hatch's Addition
     Hawthorne Grove Subdivision
     Hay's Boulevard Addition
     Hay's Subdivision
     Hayes Brothers Boulevard Addition
     Hazel Place
     Hazzard Place
     Heath Lawn
     Hedge Lane
     Heist Place
     Helm Heights
     Helm's Addition
     Hemhorst Terrace
     Henkle's 1st Addition
     Henkle's Addition
     Henkle's Subdivision
     Henrietta Place
     Henry B. Pain's 1st Addition
     Henry B. Pain's 2nd Addition
     Henry W. Burn's Subdivision
     Henwood's 2nd Addition
     Hermon's Subdivision
     Herold's Addition
     Hestleigh Place
     Hi-Land Addition
     High Acres
     High Point
     High View
     Highbury Park
     Highland Park
     Hill's Subdivision
     Hingston Grove
     Hinkle Place
     Hoelzel's Addition
     Hoffman's Park
     Hoffman's Park Addition
     Holcomb Place
     Holloway Place
     Holly Garden
     Holly Place
     Hollywood Hills Addition
     Holmes Garden Addition
     Holmes Square
     Holmes Subdivision
     Holy Rood
     Home Park
     Home Park Addition
     Home Place
     Home View
     Hood's Addition
     Hood's Subdivision
     Hook's Subdivsion
     Hope and Twichell's Addition
     Hopkin's Resurvey
     Hornbeck and Elting's Allotment
     Hornbeck's Park
     Howard and Scott's Addition
     Howard Heights
     Howard Park
     Howard Scott's Addition
     Howe and McGee's Addition
     Hubbard's Addition
     Hugh L. McElroy's Addition
     Hunt's First Subdivision
     Hunt's Subdivision
     Hunter Place
     Hunter's Heights
     Hurck's Addition
     Hurck's Subdivision
     Hurck's Subdivision of Guinotte Bluff
     Hurlbut Heights
     Hurst's Subdivision
     Hutchins Park Addition
     Hutchinson's Addition
     Huttig Subdivision
     Hyan and Scott's Addition
     Hyatt and Murdock's Addition
     Hyde and Foster's Addition
     Hyde Park
     Hyde Park Annex
     Hyde's 1st Addition
     Imke's Subdivision
     Independence Avenue Addition
     Independence Plaza
     Indiana Avenue Subdivision
     Indiana Heights
     Indiana Place
     Indianapolis Place
     Ingleside Place
     Inverness Addition
     Irving Park
     Irwin and Morrill's Addition
     Isaac Levy's Addition
     Isaac M. Ridge Estate
     Ivanhoe Park
     Ivard's Addition


     J. A. Bayle's Place
     J. Andrew's Subdivsion
     J. B. Jackson's Subdivision
     J. C. Gates
     J. C. Howe
     J. C. McCoy's Plat of Westport
     J. Campbell's Addition
     J. Dowling's Addition
     J. Gray's Subdivision
     J. H. McGee's Addition
     J. J. Green Re-Survey
     J. J. Kelly Block
     J. L. Brown's Subdivision
     J. L. Porter's 1st Subdivision
     J. L. Porter's 2nd Subdivision
     J. M. Vaught's First Addition
     J. Morrison's Subdivision
     J. O. Thompson's Addition
     J. Q. King Addition
     J. R. Griffith's Altamont Subdivision
     J. R. Murphy's Second Addition
     J. R. Varr's Addition
     J. S. Chick Place
     J. Schies's Addition
     J. Schies's Subdivision
     J. T. Robinson's 1st Addition
     J. W. Wilson's Subdivision
     J. White Allen's Addition
     J. White Allen's Subdivision
     Jackson and Miller's Subdivision
     Jackson Park
     Jackson-Lithia Place
     James A. Bayle's Place
     James Dohoney's Subdivsion
     James Dowling's Addition
     James Goodin Place
     Jameson's Subdivision
     Janssen Place
     Jarboe's Addition
     Jaudon's Addition
     Jay H. Neff's 1st Addition
     Jefferson Heights
     Jeffrey Place
     Jennie Hay's Subdivision
     Jerome Addition
     Jersey Heights
     Jewell's First Addition
     Jewell's Second Addition
     John A. Moore's 1st Subdivision
     John Askew's Addition
     John C. Merine's Subdivision
     John C. Morris Subdivision
     John Campbell's 2nd Addition
     John Chick's Addition
     John F. Elmore's First Addition
     John Harris Addition
     John Harris Estate
     John Harris Subdivision
     John Johnson's Subdivision
     John Joy's Subdivision
     John Mathew's Subdivision
     Johnson Park
     Johnson Place
     Johnson's Addition
     Johnson's Subdivision
     Jones Abstract Company's Waldo Park Subdivision
     Jones and Fisher's Addition
     Joseph Haefner's Subdivision
     Joseph Jarboe's Estate
     Judson's Subdivision
     Juengling Place Addition
     Juliette Place
     Kansas Addition
     Karnes and Ess' Addition
     Kate Goodin Place
     Kathleen Ridge
     Kauffman Place
     Kaufman Resurvey
     Kearney Heights
     Keck Grove Addition
     Keck's Grove
     Kelley Place
     Kelly and Brigham Addition
     Kemper Heights Resurvey
     Kemper's Addition
     Kendall Place
     Kennedy Place
     Kensington Annex
     Kenton Addition
     Kenwood Annex
     Kenyon Place
     Kern Place
     Kerr's Addition
     Kester's Addition
     Keye's Subdivision
     Keystone Addition
     Kidwell's Addition
     Kimber Place
     King and Bouton's Addition
     King and Bouton's Resurvey
     King Realty's Company Altamont Subdivision
     King's Resurvey
     King's Resurvey of Hubbard's Addition
     Kingston Place
     Kirby's Resurvey
     Kirk's Addition
     Kirwin Place
     Klein Place
     Knickerbocker Heights
     Knoche Park Addition
     Knoche Park Annex
     Knott Place
     Kramer Place
     Krey's Subdivision
     Kritser and Ragan's Subdivision
     Kyle's Subdivision
     L. Coffman's Addition
     L. K. Mittong's First Addition
     L. K. Mittong's Second Addition
     L. K. Mittong's Third Addition
     L. R. Wright Addition
     L. Stifter's Addition
     La Force's Subdivision
     La Solana
     Ladish Place
     Lafayette Place
     Lakeview Addition
     Land No. 22
     Land No. 25
     Lang's Subdivision
     Langview Subdivision
     Latour Lawn
     Launder's 1st Addition
     Laurel Hill Addition
     Laveta Place
     Lawe's Troost Avenue Addition
     Lawrence Addition
     Lawton Place
     Layton's Addition
     Lee Smith and Beadle's Subdivision
     Lemmon's Subdivision
     Lenox Addition
     Lexington Court
     Lexington Place
     Liesel Place
     Lincoln Park
     Lincoln Place
     Linden Addition
     Lindsay Heights Addition
     Lindsay's 1st Addition
     Linville Heights
     Linwood Annex
     Linwood Avenue Addition
     Linwood Avenue Heights
     Linwood Boulevard Addition
     Linwood Boulevard Heights Addition
     Linwood Flower Garden
     Linwood Heights
     Linwood Lawn
     Linwood Park
     Linwood Summit
     Linwood Terrace
     Litchfield Place
     Little's Subdivision
     Llewellyn Annex
     Llewellyn Heights
     Llewellyn Heights Resurvey
     Llewellyn Place
     Lloyd Heights
     Lloyd Place
     Lloyd's Addition
     Lockhart Place
     Lockridge's Addition
     Logan Park
     Logan Place
     Logan's 1st Addition
     Lohse Subdivision
     Loma Linda
     Long and White's Subdivision
     Long, Croysdale and Vaughan's Subdivision
     Lord Park
     Loring Subdivision
     Lott's Addition
     Louis Vogel's 1st Addition
     Louis Vogel's 2nd Addition
     Louis Vogel's 3rd Addition
     Louis Vogel's 4th Addition
     Loula Lee Addition
     Loyd's Subdivision
     Lucas Place
     Lucile Addition
     Luck Addition
     Ludlow Place
     Lydia Avenue First Addition
     Lydia Avenue Heights, North
     Lydia Avenue Park
     Lydia Avenue Place
     Lykins Addition
     Lykins Place Addition
     Lykins Square
     Lynch's Addition
     Lynn's Addition


     M. Isaac's Addition
     M. J. Payne's Subdivision
     M. M. Evan's 1st Addition
     M. Ridge Estate
     M. S. Salisbury's 1st Addition
     M. S. Salisbury's 2nd Addition
     Mackey's Subdivision
     Madison Place
     Magazine Place
     Main Street Addition
     Manchester Heights
     Manilla Heights
     Mankameyer's First Addition
     Manufacturers Place
     Map Addition
     Maple Grove
     Maple Hill
     Maple Leaf Addition
     Margaret Hale Estate
     Margaret Place
     Marguerite Place
     Margueritte Heights
     Marie Goodin Place
     Mariner Place
     Marlborough Annex Resurvey
     Marlborough Heights
     Marlborough Heights Addition
     Marlborough Heights Terrace
     Marlborough Highlands
     Marlborough Hill
     Marlborough Place
     Marlborough Plaza
     Marlborough Woods
     Marsh's Addition
     Martin Fancher Place
     Martin Place
     Marty's Woodland Addition
     Mary A. McRey Place
     Mary Bettles
     Mary Boyd
     Mary Stewart Place
     Mary Troost Addition
     Mary Wayland's 1st Addition
     Mary's Addition
     Maryland Heights
     Maryland Hill
     Maryland Ridge Addition
     Mastin's Subdivision
     Matthew and Hill's Addition
     Matthew and Hill's Subdivsion
     Mau's Subdivision
     Maumasin Addition
     Maurice O'Dowd Addition
     Max Isaac's 1st Addition
     Maxwell Banner Addition
     Mayburn Heights
     Mayburn Park
     Maywood Addition
     Maywood Park Addition
     McDaniel's Addition
     McElroy Investment Company 1st Addition
     McElroy's Subdivision
     McFerren Place
     McGee Place
     McGee's Addition
     McGee's Subdivision
     McGee's Summit
     McGeorge Place
     McGowan Heights
     McGrail and Felton's Addition
     McIntyre Place
     McKinney Heights
     McLain's Woodland Park
     McLevy and Walley's Resurvey
     McMahon Heights
     McMillen and Denton
     McNaghten's Addition
     McQuay's Addition
     Mead's Re-Survey
     Meadow Hill Addition
     Meadow Park
     Meadow View No. 2 Addition
     Melba Park
     Mellier and Duncan Realty Company's Subdivision
     Mellier Heights
     Mellier Park
     Mellier Place
     Mendell's Murray Hill
     Mendell's Murray Hill Annex
     Merine's 2nd Addition
     Merine's Addition
     Merriam Place
     Mersington Heights
     Meyer Boulevard Vista
     Meyer Circle
     Meyer Circle Addition
     Meyer's Boulevard Heights Addition
     Miller Plaza
     Miller's Addition
     Millett Place
     Milton Place
     Minerva Place
     Minnie Foster's Place
     Minnie G. Wilson Place
     Missouri Addition
     Mitchell Block Resurvey
     Mitchener and Deihl's Addition
     Mitchener and Diehl's Addition
     Mittong's 4th Addition
     Monegan Place
     Monroe Place
     Montezuma Place
     Montgall Heights
     Monticello Forest
     Moody's Subdivision
     Moore and Miller's Subdivision
     Moore Place
     Moore's 1st Addition
     Moore's 2nd Addition
     Moorehead and Horridge's Addition
     Moreland Place Addition
     Moreland Plaza Addition
     Morningside Addition
     Morningside Park
     Morse's 1st Addition
     Morse's 2nd Addition
     Mortland Place
     Morwood Addition
     Mound View
     Mount Auburn
     Mount Auburn Addition
     Mount Evanston
     Mount Hope
     Mount Pleasant
     Mount Prospect Addition
     Mount Vernon
     Mount Vernon Junction
     Mount Washington
     Mountain View
     Mozier Place Addition
     Muehlebach Place
     Mulkey Park
     Mulkey Place
     Mulkey's 1st Addition
     Mulkey's 2nd Addition
     Mulkey's Addition
     Muller Addition
     Muller's 2nd Addition
     Munford and Fancher's Addition
     Munford and Fancher's Subdivision
     Munroe Heights
     Murdock's Addition
     Murdock's Subdivision
     Murphy's 1st Addition
     Murray Hill
     Murrel and Smith's 1st Subdivision
     Myer's Resurvey
     Myrtle Park
     N. Corder
     N. Corder's Place
     N. D. Allen's Addition
     N. Jennings
     Nannie Holmes Tract
     Nathan Scarritt Estate
     Nayland Place
     Ned's Place
     Neil Bonfils Place
     Nettie G. Mackoy Place
     Neva Place
     New Bedford Heights
     New Southmoreland
     Newbedford Heights
     Newton Heights
     Niagara Place
     Nicolett Place
     Nigros Addition
     Nofsinger's Subdivision
     Norfolk Place
     Norfolk Resurvey
     North Altamont
     North Burge Park
     North Evanston
     North Manchester
     North Mount Hope
     North Side Place
     Northrup Subdivision
     Northrup's 1st Addition
     Northside Place
     Nowleen Park
     O. C. Day's Addition
     O. Case and Balis Subdivision
     O'Brien's Addition
     O'Donnell's Addition
     O'Reilly's Subdivision
     O. C. Day's Addition
     O. Case and Balis Subdivision
     Oak Grove Addition
     Oak Meyer's Gardens Addition
     Oak Park Annex
     Oakland Park
     Oakley Park
     Oakwood Addition
     Oberdorf's Addition
     Office Place
     Oglebay's 1st Addition
     Oglebay's 2nd Addition
     Old Home Plat
     Old Orchard
     Old Town
     Old Town Reserve
     Old Troost Park
     Oldham's 1st Addition
     Olive Park
     Olive Place
     Onahome Place
     Orchard Hill
     Orchard Park
     Orchard Place
     Original Town
     Orr Heights Addition
     Ortiz Place
     Orwell Place
     Osborn Place
     Osborn Place Addition
     Osgood's Addition
     Otis Lage
     Otis Place
     Owing's Place


     P. A. Frederick's 2nd Addition
     P. A. Frederick's 3rd Addition
     P. H. Benz Addition
     P. S. Brown's Addition
     P. Schaefer
     Pacific Place
     Palmer Place
     Paris Park
     Paris Place
     Parish Heights Addition
     Parish Park Addition
     Park Addition
     Park Gate
     Park Manor
     Park Place
     Parkina Place
     Parry Place
     Paseo Heights
     Paseo Place
     Paseo Terrace
     Pate's Addition
     Patt's 1st Addition
     Patt's 2nd Addition
     Patt's 3rd Addition
     Patt's 4th Addition
     Paulina Place
     Payne's Addition
     Peach Orchard Place
     Pearse's 2nd Addition
     Peck's Subdivision
     Peery Place
     Penn Park
     Penn Park View
     Phelp's Place
     Philibert's 1st Addition
     Phillip's Addition
     Phillips Place
     Phillips Plaza
     Phoenix Park
     Phoenix Place
     Pinkston's Springfield Addition
     Pioneer Place
     Pitrat's Swope Park Addition
     Plattenburg Place
     Pleasant View
     Pleasant View Court
     Pluma Place
     Plymouth Court
     Pocono Manor
     Porter Homestead
     Porter Park
     Porter Place
     Porter's Subdivision
     Portland Place
     Prairie Point Addition
     Prairie Point Place
     Prairie Point View
     Prairie Ridge
     Pratt's Addition
     Preston Place
     Price's 1st Addition
     Primrose Hill
     Procter Lawn
     Prospect Fields
     Prospect Fields Addition
     Prospect Heights
     Prospect Hill
     Prospect Manor
     Prospect Park
     Prospect Place
     Prospect Ridge
     Prospect Ridge Annex
     Prospect Summit
     Prospect View Addition
     Prospect Vista Addition
     Pulliam's Addition
     Pullman Addition
     Pullman Park
     Putnam Place
     Putnam Place Subdivision
     Quimby Addition
     Quimby Park
     Quincy Heights
     Quincy Place
     R. G. Estill's Resurvey
     R. G. Hook's Subdivision
     R. N. Eaton's First Addition
     R. O. Steele's 1st Addition
     R. O. Steele's 2nd Addition
     R. Salisbury Addition
     Ragan Place
     Ralph's First Addition
     Randall and Wheelock Addition
     Ranson and Company's Addition
     Ranson and Talley's Addition
     Ranson and Talley's Subdivision
     Ranson Place
     Ratcliff Addition
     Rathbone Place
     Ray's Hill
     Re-Survery of Kemper Heights
     Re-Survey of Allen's First Addition
     Re-Survey of Brooklyn Heights
     Re-Survey of C. N. Northrup's First Addition
     Re-Survey of James Davenport Estate
     Re-Survey of Linnhurst
     Re-Survey of Pendleton Heights
     Re-Survey of Rose Heights
     Re-Survey of Zahl's Subdivision
     Redemptorist College Place
     Redfield Place
     Reed and Lee's Subdivision
     Reed's Addition
     Reed's Place
     Regent's Park
     Regina Heights
     Reid's 2nd Resurvey
     Reid's Addition
     Renick's 1st Addition
     Renick's 2nd Addition
     Reservoir Place
     Resurvey of Chadwick's Subdivision
     Resurvey of Eatonia Park
     Resurvey of Marlborough Plaza
     Resurvey of Orings Subdivision
     Resurvey of Payne's Addition
     Resurvey of Whipple's Addition
     Rhode's and Craig's Addition
     Rice's Addition
     Richard Albery's Subdivision
     Richmond Place
     Richwood Resurvey
     Rickert's 1st Addition
     Rickert's 2nd Addition
     Ridge Heights
     Ridge Heights Addition
     Ridge's Place
     Roanoke Court
     Roanoke Park
     Robert Hunt
     Robert's Addition
     Rochester Place
     Rock Hill Place
     Rockhill Addition
     Rockhill Annex
     Rockhill Crest
     Rockhill Gardens
     Rockhill Heights
     Rockhill Park
     Rockhill Park Extension
     Rockhill Place
     Rockhill Ridge
     Rockhill View
     Rockhurst Park
     Rodney Place
     Roger's Subdivision
     Rollo's Addition
     Romanelli Gardens
     Rose Hill Addition
     Rosebud Park
     Rosebud Park Addition
     Rosenthal's Resurvey
     Rosenthal's Resurvey of Bloomfield Addition
     Ross and Scarritt's Addition
     Ross Subdivision
     Round Top
     Rowell's Addition
     Rowell's Annex
     Roy Place
     Russell Heights
     Ruth Park


     S. C. Moody's Subdivision
     S. H. Bales 1st Addition
     S. L. Gonklin
     S. S. Wright Addition
     Saigham Place
     Saint Clair Park
     Salem Court
     Santa Fe Annex
     Santa Fe Place
     Sarah A. Bower Place
     Scarritt and Peery Subdivision
     Scheidle Park
     Schell's Addition
     Schell's Brooklyn Heights
     Schell's Brooklyn Heights Addition
     Schell's Brooklyn Heights Annex
     Schell's Orchard Hill Addition
     Schell's Prospect Avenue Addition
     Schell's Wabash Avenue Addition
     Sedgewick Place
     Seeger's Addition
     Seger's Addition
     Seitz's Subdivision
     Seth W. Thomas 1st Addtion
     Setzler's Addition
     Sharon Heights
     Sharon Place
     Sheffield Annex
     Sheidley Park
     Sheldon Place
     Shepard & Barndollar's Addition
     Shiloh Park
     Shyrock's Heights Addition
     Sid Smith's Boulevard Addition
     Sidney Place
     Simond's Place
     Simond's Place Number Two
     Skiles and Western Addition
     Smart's 2nd Addition
     Smart's 3rd Addition
     Smart's Addition
     Smart's Part
     Smart's Subdivision
     Smith and Keating's Addition
     Smith and Keating's South Park Addition
     Smith Brothers Addition
     Smith's Boulevard
     Smith's Prospect Avenue Addition
     Soloman S. Smith's Subdivision
     Somerset Place
     Sommerset Place
     Sophia Adams
     South Abington
     South Benton Park
     South Country Ridge
     South Hyde Park
     South Kingston
     South Kingston Place
     South Lawn
     South Linden
     South Maywood
     South Maywood Addition
     South Paseo Place
     South Prospect Garden Addition
     South Prospect Place
     South Prospect Place No. 2
     South Roanoke
     South Roanoke Annex
     South Side Place
     South Waldo
     South Waldo Addition
     South Wauneta Park
     South Windsor
     South Winfield Place
     Southeast Garden Homes Addition
     Southmoreland Terrace
     Southside Addition
     Southside Place
     Southwood Annex
     Southwood Extension
     Southwood Park
     Spear's Addition
     Spring Valley Place
     Springfield Highlands
     Springfield Park
     Springfield Place
     Squier Manor
     Squier Place
     Squier's Place
     Stanwood Place
     Starkwood Addition
     Stebbin's Place
     Steck's Addition
     Stegner's Resurvey
     Stephen and Smith's Subdivision
     Stephen Fisher Addition
     Stephen's Place
     Steven's Addition
     Stevens Slaughter Resurvey
     Stevenson Addition
     Stewart's 1st Addition
     Stewart's 2nd Addition
     Stewart's 3rd Addition
     Stewart's Addition
     Stifter's Addition
     Stile's Addition
     Stockman Place
     Stone's Subdivision
     Streicher's Subdivision
     Strong's Subdivision
     Subdivision of Block No. 6
     Subdivision of Guinotte Farm
     Subdivision of James D. Hunter's Estate
     Subdivision of Linville Hay's Estate
     Subdivision of The Guinotte's Bluff
     Subdivision of Thomas J. Hughe's Estate
     Subdivision of Thomas J. Hughe's Land
     Sugar Creek Annex
     Sugar Creek Townsite
     Sun Rise Addition
     Sunderland Place
     Sunny Homes Addition
     Sunny Slope
     Sunny Slope Park
     Sunnyside Addition
     Sunset Hills
     Sunset Lodge
     Sunset Terrace
     Sunset Terrace Addition No. 2
     Sunset View
     Sunset Wood
     Sunset Wood Park
     Sunshine Addition
     Suzanne Slaughter's Subdivision
     Swope Forest Park
     Swope Hills
     Swope Land
     Swope Park Acres
     Swope Park Annex
     Swope Park Campus
     Swope Park Heights
     Swope Park Highlands
     Swope Park Orchards
     Swope Park Ridge
     Swope Park Summit
     Swope Park View
     Swope Ridge
     Swope's Addition
     Swope's Orchard Grove
     Sylvester Place
     T. B. Thomas Estate
     T. Case's Subdivision
     T. Green's Addition
     T. H. Edward's South Park Addition
     T. H. Swope's 2nd Addition
     T. J. Emery's Addition
     T. M. Jones Addition
     T. S. Case's Addition
     Talbott Place
     Tanner Homestead
     Tate Park
     Terrace Heights
     Terrace Place
     Thayer's Addition
     The Grove
     The Highlands
     The Old Homestead
     The Paseo View
     The Plateau
     The Summit
     The Sycamores
     Thomas Addition
     Thomas Green Subdivision
     Thomas M. Jone's Addition
     Thomas Smart's Addition
     Thorndike Place
     Tidwell Place
     Tiernan's Wildwood
     Tillhof Home
     Timmons Place Addition
     Tipton and Premier Place
     Tipton and Premier Place add | edit
     Tower Addition
     Tower Grove Addition
     Towers Hillside Addition
     Towt's Addition
     Traber's Subdivision
     Tracy's 1st Addition
     Tracy's Highlands
     Tracy's Subdivision
     Trienen's Addition
     Troost Avenue Heights
     Troost Avenue Lawn
     Troost Avenue Park
     Troost Avenue Place Addition
     Troost Avenue Terrace
     Troost Court
     Troost Highlands
     Troost Hill
     Troost Park
     Troost Park Annex
     Troost Plateau
     Troost's 1st Addition
     Troost's 2nd Addition
     Troost's 3rd Addition
     Troost's Addition
     Troost's Re-survey of Old Town
     Tullis Park
     Tullis Place
     Turner and Company's Addition
     Turpin's Addition
     Twyman Estate
     Union Park
     Union Place
     Union Station Addition
     Union Terminal Addition


     Van Dyke Place
     Vanderbilt Place
     Vanderbilt Place No. 2
     Vanderventor Place
     Vaughan Place
     Vernon Heights
     Vest's Addition
     Victor Place
     Victoria Addition
     Victoria Place
     Vienna Place
     View Point
     Village Green
     Vineyard's 2nd Addition
     Vineyard's 3rd Addition
     Vineyard's 4th Addition
     Vineyard's 5th Addition
     Vineyard's Addition
     Virginia Place
     Vivian's 12th Street Corner
     Vivian's Central Corner
     Vogel Heights
     Vogel Heights No. 2
     Vogel Heights No. 3
     Vogel Homestead Addition
     Vogel Park
     Vogel Park No. 2
     W. A. Bunker's Resurvey of Grauman Place
     W. A. Tidball's 1st Addition
     W. Askew's Subdivision
     W. B. McElroy's Subdivision
     W. C. Seachrest's 1st Addition
     W. C. Wilhite's Addition
     W. Craig's Subdivision
     W. D. Crow's Addition
     W. E. Johnson's Addition
     W. H. Collins 1st Addition
     W. H. Collins 2nd Addition
     W. H. Collins 3rd Addition
     W. H. Collins 4th Addition
     W. H. Collins 5th Addition
     W. H. Collins 6th Addition
     W. H. Collins 7th Addition
     W. H. Collins 8th Addition
     W. H. Collins 9th Addition
     W. H. Collins Investment Company's 2nd Addition
     W. H. Collins Investment Company's 3rd Addition
     W. H. Harris Addition
     W. H. Reed's Addition
     W. J. Scott Addition
     W. J. Strong's Subdivision
     W. P. Allen's Addition
     W. P. McElroy's Subdivision
     W. W. Jodson's Addition
     Wabash Heights
     Wade's Subdivision
     Waldo Acres
     Waldo Center
     Waldo Gardens
     Waldo Heights
     Waldo Manor
     Waldo Park
     Waldo Place
     Waldo Ridge
     Waldo Tract
     Walker and Ben's Addition
     Walnut Grove
     Walnut Lawn
     Walnut Park
     Walnut Park Addition
     Walnut Ridge
     Walrond Place
     Walruff's Grove
     Walter Place
     Walter's Addition
     Walton Place
     Ward Park
     Ward Park Addition
     Warde's Subdivision
     Warner Plaza
     Warner's 1st Addition
     Warnky's Addition
     Warren Addition
     Warwick Ridge
     Washburn Heights
     Washburn Place
     Washington Heights
     Washington Park
     Water's Subdivision
     Wauneta Park
     Wauneta Park Annex
     Waverly Place
     Waverly Place Re-Subdivision
     Weaver Place
     Weaver's Re-Survey
     Weber Place
     Wells 3rd Annex
     Wells Brothers 2nd Addition
     Wells Brothers First Addition
     Wenzel Garden
     Wenzel Garden No. 2
     Wenzel Garden No. 3
     Werner, White and Wilson's Subdivision
     Wesley D. Frace Addition
     West End
     West Estate
     West Kansas
     West Kansas Addition
     West Kansas Addition No. 2
     West Lynne Addition
     West Manchester
     West Moreland
     West Moreland Extension
     West Moreland Heights
     West Moreland Park
     West Moreland Place
     West Moreland Terrace
     West Ridgeway
     West Roanoke
     West Waldo
     Weston's Addition
     Westport Highlands
     Westport Road
     Westwood Heights
     Westwood Park
     Westwood Park Annex
     Wheatland's Addition
     Wheeler Brothers First Addition
     Whiffin's Addition
     Whipple's 2nd Addition
     Whipple's First Addition
     White Brothers Addition
     White Estate
     White's Summit
     Whitehead Place
     Whitehouse Place
     Whiteside Place
     Whiteside Place No. 2
     Whiteside Place No. 3
     Whittier Place
     Widmer Place
     Wiedenmann Park
     Wiedenmann Place
     Wightman and Henderson's Troost Avenue Addition
     Wightman and Sear's First Addition
     Wightman and Sear's Second Addition
     Wilder's First Addition
     William Askew
     William Bales Addition
     William Bales' 2nd Addition
     William Bales' 3rd Addition
     William C. Orr's Addition
     William Greene's 1st Addition
     William Kendall's 1st Addition
     William Parish's Subdivision
     William Parish's Subdivision Block "B"
     William Proctor McElroy's Subdivision
     William Scheibe Place
     William Tom's Addition
     William Tom's Subdivision
     Wilson Rugley's First Addition
     Wilson's 2nd Subdivision
     Wilson's Floral Subdivision Place
     Wilson's Subdivision
     Wilte's Englewood Annex
     Winchester Place
     Wind's Maywood Reserve
     Windsor Place
     Winfield Place
     Wing and Steen's Place
     Wing and Steen's Place Annex
     Winn's Maywood Reserve
     Winner and Osgood's Addition
     Winner Osgood's Addition
     Winningham Park
     Winningham's Subdivision
     Winram Park
     Winram Place
     Winter and Coate's Subdivision
     Winter Park
     Winter's Addition
     Wirthman's Partition
     Wirthman's Partition Subdivision
     Wirtman Estate
     Wirtman Place
     Wither's Addition
     Wither's Place
     Witmer and Bird's First Addition
     Witschner's Addition
     Wood, Waller and Holtz Addition
     Woodland Addition
     Woodland Avenue Heights
     Woodland Avenue Lawn
     Woodland Avenue Park
     Woodland Court
     Woodland Heights
     Woodland Place
     Woods, Waller and Holtz Addition
     Woodward's Subdivision
     Worcester Park
     Wornall Homestead
     Wornall Manor
     Wornall Park
     Wornall's Addition
     Worthmore Addition
     Wright Place
     Wylie Place


     Yeoman's Subdivision
     Young's Subdivision
     Zahl's Addition
     Zahl's Original Subdivsion
     Zahl's Subdivision
     Ziegler Garden
     Zurn Addition