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Sanborn Maps Collection

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     12th Street Cable Railway Viaduct
     12th Street Viaduct
     15th Street Baptist Church
     17th Street Tabernacle
     205th Medical Battalion Missouri National Guard
     20th and Prospect Temporary Housing Project
     23rd Street Viaduct
     4th Street Viaduct
     8th Street Tunnel


     A. M. E. Church
     Abbott Apartments
     Academy of Music
     Adams School
     Adell Kitchenettes
     Admiral Arms Apartment Hotel
     Admiral Flats
     Aetna Building
     Agnes Avenue M. E. Church
     Alabama Flats
     Alamo Building
     Alana Apartments
     Albion Flats
     Aldergate Methodist Church
     Alderscate Methodist Church
     Alexander Hamilton Apartments
     Alexandria Apartment Hotel
     Alfred Benjamin Dispensary
     All Saints Catholic Church
     All Souls Unitarian Church
     Allen Chapel AME Church
     Allen Library
     Allen School
     Alsace Flats
     Alta Flats
     Altman Building
     Amazing Grace Tabernacle Church
     American Bank Building
     American Citizenship Association's Club House
     American Federation of Labor Building Trades Union
     American Hereford Association
     American League Baseball Park
     American Legion Memorial Hall
     American Royal Show Building
     Andover Flats
     Annunciation Roman Catholic Church
     Annunciation Roman Catholic School
     Apostolic Faith Church
     Apostolic Temple Church
     Apperson Memorial Hall
     Ararat Temple
     Ardmore Apartments
     Argyle Building
     Arizona Flats
     Arlington Apartments
     Arlington Hall
     Armington Flats
     Armour Inn
     Armour Plaza Apartment Hotel
     Armour Towers Apartments
     Armourdale Bridge
     Ashland School
     Askew School
     Asphalt Mixing Plant
     Assembly of God Church
     Association for the Blind Recreation Center
     Assumption Roman Catholic Church
     Assumption Roman Catholic School
     Athelstane Flats
     Athenaeum Club Building
     Attucks Housing Projects
     Attucks School
     Auditorium Plaza
     Auditorium Theater
     Auto Bus Garage
     Auto radiator manufacturing
     Auto Repair Shop
     Auto Salvage Yard
     Auto Trade School
     Auto Wrecking Yard
     Avon Apartments
     B'nai Jehudah Temple
     Bainbridge Apartment Hotel
     Baird Building
     Bales Baptist Church
     Bales Chapel Baptist Church
     Bales Hall
     Bales Memorial Building
     Baltimore Apartment Hotel
     Baltimore Building
     Bancroft School
     Baptist Church
     Baptist Mexican Church and Mission Center
     Barcelona Apartments
     Barclay Apartments
     Barker Temple Church of God in Christ
     Barstow School
     Baseball grandstand
     Baseball grounds
     Bauer Building
     Bayard Building
     Beacon Hill Apartment Hotel
     Beacon Hill Congregational Church
     Beacon Light Seventh Day Adventist Church
     Beacon Light Seventh Day Adventist School
     Beal's Building
     Beaumont Baptist Church
     Belleclair Apartment Hotel
     Bellerive Apartment Hotel
     Belleview Apartment Hotel
     Belmont Avenue Christian Church
     Belmont Flats
     Benjamin Harrison School
     Benton Boulevard Baptist Church
     Benton Court Apartments
     Benton School
     Berean Assembly and Bible School
     Berkshire Arms Apartment Hotel
     Bertram Flats
     Beth Abraham Congregation
     Beth Hamidrosh Synagogue
     Beth Jacob Congregation
     Bethany Assembly of God Church
     Bethany Baptist Church
     Bethel A.M.E. Church
     Bethel Tabernacle Church of the Assembly of God
     Bethlehem Baptist Church
     Bible Mission
     Big Sister Home for Negro Girls
     Birmingham Public School
     Bishop Hogan High School
     Blenheim Assembly of God Church
     Blenheim School
     Blessed Sacrament Roman Catholic Church
     Blessed Sacrament Roman Catholic School
     Bliss Apartment Hotel
     Blossom House
     Blue Parkway Community M. E. Church
     Blue Valley Baptist Church
     Blue Valley School
     Blues Stadium
     Bluff Street Bridge
     Bluff Street Wall
     BMA Building (Pershing Road)
     Board of Education Work Shop and Warehouse
     Board of Public Works
     Board of Trade Building (Third)
     Boarding School
     Booker T. Washington Community Center
     Booker T. Washington School
     Border Star School
     Boston Building
     Bottle Exchange
     Bowers Memorial Colored Methodist Church
     Boy Scout Club House
     Boy Scout Hall
     Boy Scouts of America Troop 75
     Boys Club
     Bracken Building
     Bradford Apartment Hotel
     Bright Building
     Brightwood House
     Bristol School
     Broadmoor Flat
     Broadway Baptist Church
     Broadway M. E. Church
     Brooklyn Place Federal Housing Project
     Brookside Shops
     Brownhardi Apartment Hotel
     Brownhardt Apartment Hotel
     Browning, King and Co. Building
     Bruce Dodson Office Building
     Bruce Public School
     Bruce School
     Bryant Building
     Bryant School
     Buckingham Family Hotel
     Budd Park Christian Church
     Budd Park Tool House
     Buena Vista Flats
     Bulk oil storage
     Bunker Building
     Burdette Flats
     Bush Building
     Cain Memorial A. M. E. Church
     Calvary Baptist Church
     Camp De Luxe
     Cancer Detection Center
     Candler Building
     Candy and Ice Cream Factory
     Candy and Nut Packing and Potato Chip Factory
     Candy Storage and Manufacturing Warehouse
     Cardboard box factory
     Carlton Plaza Apartments
     Carriage Club
     Carriage Concourse
     Carver Neighborhood Center
     Casa Loma East Apartment Hotel
     Casa Loma West Apartment Hotel
     Cash Bargain Lumber Company
     Casket Factory
     Castle Apartments
     Castle Block
     Castle Ridge
     Cathedral Commercial School
     Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception
     Catherine Hale Home for Blind Women
     Cattle Pens
     Cavalier Apartment Hotel
     Cavalry Assembly Church
     Cavalry Baptist Church
     Cedric Flats
     Centennial Building
     Centennial M. E. Church
     Center School
     Central Baptist Church
     Central Baptist Mission School
     Central Bible Hall
     Central Building
     Central Business College
     Central Christian Church
     Central College of Osteopathy
     Central High School
     Central House
     Central Junior High School
     Central M. E. Church
     Central Presbyterian Church
     Central Radio Schools
     Centropolis Baptist Church
     Centropolis Slavic Mission
     Centropolis Station
     Century Building
     Cezzane Apartments
     Chace School
     Chalfonte Flats
     Charity Building
     Charleston Apartments
     Charlevox Apartments
     Chase Apartment Hotel
     Cherry Apartment Hotel
     Chicago and Alton Freight Depot
     Chicago Great Western Freight Depot
     Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Freight Depot
     Children's Memorial Lutheran Church
     Children's Mercy Hospital
     Chili Factory
     Christ Congregational Church
     Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church
     Christ Presbyterian Church
     Christ Temple Pentacostal Church
     Christian Church
     Christian Spiritual Mission
     Christian Union Church
     Church of Christ
     Church of God
     Church of God Chapel
     Church of God Holiness
     Church of God in Christ
     Church of God in Christ Boone Tabernacle
     Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
     Church of the Amazing Grace
     Church of the Living God
     City Dog Pound
     City Hall
     City Hall (12th Street)
     City Park Department
     City Union Mission
     City Water Department
     Clairmont Hotel
     Clarendon House
     Claridge Apartment Hotel
     Clay Products Manufacturing
     Clay School
     Clermont Flats
     Cleveland Avenue Methodist Church
     Cleveland Chiropractic College
     Clifton House
     Clothing factory
     Clyde Manor Apartment Hotel
     Coal Yard
     Collinwood Apartments
     Colonial Hall
     Colonial Rest Home
     Colored Church
     Columbia National Building
     Commerce Trust Company Building
     Commercial House
     Commodore Apartment Hotel
     Community Church
     Community Progressive Baptist Church
     Concrete & Asphalt Burial Vault Factory
     Congregation Shaaris Israel Synagogue
     Congregation Tefares Israel Church
     Congregation Tifereth Forad Synagogue
     Congregation Voliner Jewish Tabernacle
     Congress Garage Building
     Conley Clinical Hospital
     Conservatory of Music
     Convent of Mercy
     Cook Apartment Hotel
     Cornell Apartments
     Coronado Apartment Hotel
     Cottesbrook Apartments
     Council of Clubs
     Country Club Christian Church
     Country Club Congregational Church
     Country Club M. E. Church
     Courtland Flats
     Craddock Building
     Crooks-Brokers and Offices and Warehouse Building
     Cumberland Presbyterian Church
     CYC Stadium
     Cyrand Flats


     Dalkeith Apartment
     Dalkeith Flats
     Dance Hall
     Dance Studio
     Dante Flats
     David Copperfield Apartments
     Davidson Building
     Dawson Flats
     De Lasalle Academy
     De Molay Preceptory
     Dearing Flats
     Del Monte Apartments
     Del Prado
     Delano, R. J. School
     Della C. Lamb Neighborhood House, Inc.
     Depeauw Apartments
     Dernburg Building
     Dickson-Diveley Clinic
     Dierks Building
     Divine Spiritual Temple of God
     Doctor's Hospital
     Doughnut Bakery
     Douglass School
     Downtown Hospital
     Dr. Burnett's Hospital
     Dr. Coe's Sanitarium
     Dr. Punton's Sanitarium
     Drake Apartment Hotel
     Dresden Flats
     Drexel Hall
     Dreyfous Building
     Duke's Flats
     Dundee Flats
     Dust Mop Factory
     Dwight Building
     E. C. White School
     E. F. Swinney Gymnasium
     E. F. Swinney Public School
     E. F. Swinney School
     East Gate Masonic Hall
     East High School
     East Side Church of Christ
     East Side Spiritualist Church
     Eastminster Presbyterian Church
     Eastside Maternity Hospital
     Ebenezer AME Church
     Edgecomb Station
     Edmond Flats
     Edwin C. Meservey School
     Eighth Church of Christ Scientists
     El Torreon Dance Hall
     El-Detora Flats
     Election Board of Kansas City
     Electric Park
     Elevated Railway Station
     Elizabeth Flats
     Elk's Club House
     Ellison Aparment Hotel
     Elm Ridge Race Track
     Elmo Apartments
     Elmwood Baptist Church
     Elsmere Apartments
     Emanuel Baptist Church
     Emanuels Baptist Church
     Emerson Apartment Hotel
     Emerson School
     Emery Building
     Emery, Bird, Thayer Building
     Emery, Bird, Thayer Company Warehouse and Stable
     Emmanuel Chapel
     Engadine Apartments
     Engine House
     England House
     Englewood Assembly of God Church
     Epworth Methodist Church
     Estill Apartments
     Euclid Apartments
     Euclid Flats
     Eugene Fields Apartments
     Evangelical Lutheran Church
     Evangelical Lutheran Emanuels Church
     Evangelical Saint Paul's Church
     Evangeline House
     Evangelist Center Church
     Evangelist Temple Church of God in Christ
     Exchange Building
     Eyssell Apartments
     Fairfax Arms Apartment House
     Fairfax Building
     Fairmount Assembly of God
     Fairmount Christian Church
     Fairmount Church of the Nazarene
     Fairmount Maternity Hospital
     Fairmount School
     Faxon School
     Fayetta Flats
     Federal Building and Post Office
     Federal Reserve Bank
     Fellowship Baptist Church
     Felt Warehouse
     Female Boarding Houses
     Fidelity National Bank Building (first)
     Fidelity National Bank Building (second)
     Fifth Church of Christ Scientists
     Fifth Presbyterian Church
     Film Exchange
     Finance Building
     Finlay Engineering College
     Finlay Engineering College Annex
     Fire Department Headquarters
     Fire Department Hose Company 14
     Fire Department Hose Company 31
     Fire Department Ladder Company 4
     Fire Department Ladder Company 5
     Fire Department Ladder Company 7
     Fire Department Ladder Company 9
     Fire Department Station
     Fire Engine Company 11
     Fire Engine Company 12
     Fire Engine Company 15
     Fire Engine Company 17
     Fire Engine Company 18
     Fire Engine Company 19
     Fire Engine Company 2
     Fire Engine Company 20
     Fire Engine Company 21
     Fire Engine Company 22
     Fire Engine Company 23
     Fire Engine Company 24
     Fire Engine Company 25
     Fire Engine Company 26
     Fire Engine Company 27
     Fire Engine Company 3
     Fire Engine Company 5
     Fire Engine Company 7
     Fire Engine Company 8
     Fire Patrol Station
     Fire Station 10
     Fire Station 11
     Fire Station 12
     Fire Station 14
     Fire Station 17
     Fire Station 19
     Fire Station 21
     Fire Station 24
     Fire Station 25
     Fire Station 27
     Fire Station 3
     Fire Station 4
     Fire Station 5
     Fire Station 7
     Fire Station 9
     First Assembly of God Church
     First Baptist Church
     First Christian Church
     First Church of Christ Scientist
     First Church of the Nazarene
     First Church of the Nazarene Gospel Assembly
     First Congregational Church
     First Cumberland Presbyterian Church
     First English Lutheran Church
     First Free Methodist Church
     First Free Will Church
     First Lutheran Church
     First Methodist Church
     First National Bank Building
     First Presbyterian Church
     First Regular Baptist Church
     First Swedish Baptist Church
     First Swedish Lutheran Church
     First United Brethren Church
     First United Pentecostal Church
     Fish and Oyster Market
     Flora Apartments
     Florence Crittenton Home
     Florence Home for Girls
     Forest Avenue Baptist Church
     Forest Avenue Christian Church
     Forest Manor Apartment Hotel
     Fountain View
     Foursquare Gospel Church
     Fourth Church of Christ Scientist
     Frances Willard School
     Franklin School
     Free Methodist Church
     Free Will Baptist Church
     Freight Depots
     Freight Houses
     French Institute of Notre Dame De Sion
     Friends Community Church
     Friendship Baptist Church
     Fuller Flats
     Furniture Factory
     Furniture Polish Factory


     G. Wilse Robinson Sanitarium
     Galilee Baptist Church
     Gallatin Flats
     Garfield Baptist Church
     Garfield School
     Garland Avenue Methodist Church
     Garment Factory
     Garnes Artificial Limb Factory
     Garrison Field House
     Garrison School
     Garrison Square
     Garrison Square Field House
     Gayosa Flats
     General Hospital
     General Hospital Number 1
     General Hospital Number 2
     General Hospital Training School
     Geneva Flats
     George B. Longan School
     George H. Nettleton Home for Aged Ladies
     George Washington Carver School
     Georgia Flats
     Georgian Court
     German Baptist Church
     German Hospital
     German Methodist Church
     Gibraltar Building
     Gillis Opera House
     Gillis Orphan Home
     Gillis Orphans' Home
     Girls Club
     Girls Hotel
     Gladstone Hall
     Gladstone Public School
     Glendale Manor Apartments
     Glennon Hall
     Glick Flats
     Glover Building
     Goldman Stadium
     Good Hope Baptist Missionary Church
     Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
     Goodenow Textile Company
     Goodwill Industries
     Gospel Missionary Union
     Gospel of Love Spiritual Church
     Gospel Tabernacle
     Gospel Trinity Lighthouse Church of God
     Gotham Apartments
     Grace and Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
     Grace Church of the Nazarene
     Grace Episcopal Church
     Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church
     Grace Lutheran Church
     Grace Methodist Episcopal Church
     Grace Missionary Baptist Church
     Grace Presbyterian Church
     Graceland School
     Grand Apartments
     Grand Avenue Bank Building
     Grand Avenue Building
     Grand Avenue Methodist Church
     Grand Avenue Station
     Grand Avenue Temple
     Grand Central Depot
     Grand Opera House
     Gray Building
     Gray's Hall
     Graylyn Apartment Hotel
     Greater Saint Matthew's A.M.E. Church
     Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation
     Greendale Baptist Church
     Greenwood Baptist Church
     Greenwood School
     Greeting Card Factory
     Gregg Community Center
     Gregg Tabernacle African Methodist Episcopal Church
     Greystone Apartments
     Greystone Flats
     Guadalupe Center
     Guadalupe Church
     Guadalupe School
     Guardian Angel Catholic Church
     Guardian Angel Catholic School
     Guild Hall
     Guinotte Manor Apartments
     Gumbel Building
     H. W. Longfellow Apartments
     Haddon Hall Hotel
     Hale H. Cook School
     Hall Building
     Hamilton School
     Hammond Place M. E. Church
     Hannibal & St. Joseph Railroad Bridge
     Hannibal and Saint Joseph Railroad Bridge
     Harbison Building
     Harlem Public School
     Harlem Tabernacle
     Harris Home
     Harrison Street Station
     Haven Hill Apartments
     Hear-O Israel Synagogue
     Heist Building
     Helena Flats
     Hellenic Orthodox Church
     Helping Hand Institute
     Henrietta Flats
     Hestleigh Flats
     Highland Avenue Baptist Church
     Highland Baptist Church
     Hill Top School
     Hillcrest Country Club
     Hiram Young Parental Home for Negro Girls
     Holiness Full Gospel Church
     Holland Flats
     Holly Street Reservoir
     Hollywood Presbyterian Church
     Holy Cross Catholic Church
     Holy Cross Catholic School
     Holy Family Roman Catholic School
     Holy Name Roman Catholic Church
     Holy Name Roman Catholic School
     Holy Rosary Catholic Church
     Holy Spirit R.C. Church
     Holy Trinity Catholic School
     Holy Trinity Convent
     Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church
     Holy Trinity Roman Catholic School
     Home for the Aged
     Horace Mann School
     Hose Company No. 8
     Hospital For Women and Children
     Hot Springs Water Depot
     Hotel for Boys
     Hotel for Boys Memorial Building
     Hotel Snyderhof
     House of the Good Shepherd
     Huff's Business College
     Humboldt School
     Hyde Park Christian Church
     Hyde Park Family Hotel
     Hyde Park School
     I. E. Bernheimer Memorial Hall
     I. O. O. F. Hall
     Ice cream factory
     Illinois Flats
     Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church
     Immanuel Lutheran Church
     Immanuel Lutheran School
     Independence Avenue Baptist Church
     Independence Avenue Methodist Church
     Independence Boulevard Christian Church
     Independence Fire Department Station 3
     Independence Flats
     Independent Christian Spiritual Church
     Indiana Avenue M. E. Church
     Inglenook Apartments
     Institute of Needle Trades
     Institutional Church
     Institutional Church and Day Nursery
     Insurance Exchange Building
     Intercity Viaduct
     Interdenominational Home for Girls
     Interstate Building
     Irish American Hall
     Iron Workers Union Building
     Irving School
     Israel Church
     Italian Baptist Church
     Italian Baptist Mission School
     Italian Christian Church
     Italian Evangelical Central Chapel
     Italian Institute
     Ivanhoe Masonic Building
     Ivanhoe Park Christian Church
     Ivanhoe Park Congregational Church


     J. C. Nichols School
     J. C. Rogers Building
     J. Crawford Public School
     J. V. Holmes Memorial Building
     Jackson Avenue Christian Church
     Jackson Avenue Methodist Church
     Jackson County Courthouse and Jail
     Jackson County Courthouse--Kansas City (Second)
     Jackson County Courthouse--Kansas City (Third)
     Jackson County Detention Home
     Jackson County Home for Aged Negroes
     Jackson County Home for Negro Boys
     Jackson County Home for the Aged
     Jackson County Hospital
     Jackson County Jail--Kansas City
     Jackson County Parental Home for Girls
     Jackson County Parental School
     Jackson Memorial Free Will Baptist Church
     Jackson School
     James Russel Lowell Apartments
     James School
     Jamison Temple CME Church
     Jane Haye's Gates Institute
     Jefferson Apartments
     Jefferson Home For Women
     Jefferson Home For Women and Children
     Jefferson School
     Jenkins Building
     Jewish Educational Building
     Joe and Charley Armory Hall
     John J. Pershing School
     Joseph T. Bird Memorial Building
     Junior and Teachers College
     Junior College
     Junior League Club House
     Juvenile Detention Building
     Kansas Building
     Kansas City Art Institute
     Kansas City Association for the Blind
     Kansas City Athletics Stadium
     Kansas City Baptist Temple
     Kansas City Boat Club
     Kansas City Business College
     Kansas City Cable Railroad Viaduct
     Kansas City Club
     Kansas City College of Osteopathy and Surgery
     Kansas City Convalescent Home
     Kansas City Cradle Orphans Home
     Kansas City Dental College
     Kansas City Elevated Railroad Viaduct
     Kansas City Feather Company
     Kansas City Fire Alarm Exchange Building
     Kansas City Homeopathic Medical College
     Kansas City Hospital
     Kansas City Industrial Hospital
     Kansas City Industrial Hospital Association
     Kansas City Jockey Club and Fair Association
     Kansas City Journal Building
     Kansas City Junior College
     Kansas City Life Insurance Company Building
     Kansas City Live Stock Exchange
     Kansas City Municipal Asphalt Plant
     Kansas City Municipal Farm
     Kansas City Museum
     Kansas City National Training School For Missionaries and Deaconesses
     Kansas City Orphan Boys Home
     Kansas City Power and Light Building
     Kansas City Provident Association
     Kansas City Public Library
     Kansas City Public Service Company
     Kansas City Public Service Transformer House
     Kansas City School of Watch Making
     Kansas City Socialer Turnverein
     Kansas City Southern Employees Hospital
     Kansas City Southern Railroad Freight Depot
     Kansas City Southern Railroad Station
     Kansas City Southern Railway Building
     Kansas City Southern Repair Yards
     Kansas City Southern Roundhouse
     Kansas City Star Building
     Kansas City Stockyards
     Kansas City Terminal Railway Company Freight House No. 1
     Kansas City Testing Lab
     Kansas City Tuberculosis Hospital
     Kansas City Veterinary College
     Kansas City Water Works
     Kansas City Water Works - Turkey Creek Station
     Kansas City Water Works Northeast Pumping Station
     Kansas City Water Works Pipe Yard
     Kansas City Water Works Reservoir
     Kansas City Western Dental College
     Kansas City Western League Baseball Park
     Kansas City Work House
     Kansas City, Memphis and Fort Scott Railroad
     Karnes School
     Keeley Institute
     Keith and Perry Building
     Kelly's Flats
     Kemberton Flats
     Kemper Building
     Keneseth Israel Beth Sholom Synagogue
     Kenilworth Flats
     Kennedy House
     Kensington Avenue Baptist Church
     Kensington School
     Kerm Israel Synagogue
     Kirwin Place
     Kitchenette Apartments
     Knights of Columbus Club
     Krestwoods Hospital
     Kumpf School
     L. T. Moore Building
     La Bella Flats
     La Bonita Flats
     La Favorita Flats
     La Salle Apartment Hotel
     Labor Headquarters
     Labor Temple
     Labor Temple Association
     Lakeside Hospital
     Lakota Flats
     Lamar Apartment Hotel
     Landis Court Apartments
     Langdon Flats
     Lantana Flats
     Lathrop Building
     Lathrop School
     Latrope Flats
     Latter Day Saints Church
     LaVon Flats
     Lawton Flats
     Lee Building
     Leeds Baptist Church
     Leeds Post Office
     Leeds School
     Lenore Flats
     Lexington Place
     Liberty Memorial
     Lice Powder Manufacturing
     Light House Temple
     Lillian Flats
     Lillis Roman Catholic High School
     Lilly Building
     Lincoln Apartments
     Lincoln High School
     Lincoln Junior High School
     Lincoln Plaza Apartments
     Lincoln School
     Linda Vista Apartment Hotel
     Linvista Flats
     Linwayne Baptist Church
     Linwood Baptist Church
     Linwood Boulevard Christian Church
     Linwood Boulevard M. E. Church
     Linwood Presbyterian Church
     Linwood Presbyterian Home For Convalescent Employed Women
     Linwood Presbyterian Home For Convalescent Employed Women Madison Apartments
     Linwood School
     Lodge Hall
     Loft Building
     Lohengrin Flats
     Long Brothers Office Building
     Long Building
     Longfellow School
     Loose-Wiles Wagon House
     Loretto Academy
     Louis George Branch Library
     Lowell School
     Lumber Yard
     Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer
     Lyceum Building
     Lydia Avenue Methodist Church
     Lykins Community Center
     Lykins School
     Lyndon Flats


     Machinery Sales
     Madison Apartments
     Madison School
     Major Clinic Association
     Manchester School
     Manhattan Building
     Manual High School
     Manufacturers Exchange Building
     Maples Flats
     Margaret K. Armour Memorial Home
     Mariah Walker Baptist Church
     Mark Twain Apartments
     Mark Twain School
     Market House
     Marlborough Baptist Church
     Marlborough Methodist Church
     Marlborough School
     Marsh Avenue A. M. E. Church
     Martiana Flats
     Martin School
     Martinique Apartments
     Maryland Flats
     Marylin Apartments
     Masonic Hall
     Masonic Temple
     Massachusetts Building
     Mastin Building
     Mattie Rhodes Memorial Society
     Mattie Rhodes Mission Day Nursery
     Mattress Factory
     Mayfair Apartment Hotel
     Maywood Baptist Church
     Maywood M. E. Church
     McCoy School
     McCune Parental Home for Boys
     McDougal's Flats
     Meat Sauce Factory
     Mechanical Trade School
     Medical Preparation Factory
     Medicine Factory
     Medico-Chirurgical College
     Medonia Flats
     Melbourne Apartments
     Melrose Methodist Church
     Memorial Institute Baptist Church
     Memorial Lutheran Church
     Men's Reformatory
     Menorah Hospital
     Mercantile Building
     Merchants Building
     Merchants Produce Bank Building
     Mercy Hospital
     Mersington Heights Evangelical Association
     Methodist Episcopal Church
     Methodist Episcopal Church, South
     Metropole Flats
     Metropolitan Christian Church
     Metropolitan Spiritual Church of Christ
     Metropolitan Zion A.M.E. Church
     Mexican Baptist Church
     Mexican Christian Church
     Michigan Avenue Baptist Church
     Mid-West Medical College
     Midwest Clinic
     Midwest Research Laboratories
     Milk Bottle Cap Manufacturing
     Miller Flats
     Milton Moore School
     Miltona Flats
     Minor Building
     Minute Circle Friendly House
     Miss Bartow's Day and Home School
     Miss Wagner's Dancing Academy
     Mission Covenant Evangelical Church
     Mission Hall
     Missouri Building
     Missouri Pacific Freight Depot
     Missouri Pacific Railroad Hospital
     Missouri Produce Terminal
     Missouri Produce Terminal Market
     Missouri Social Security Offices
     Moline Building
     Montana Flats
     Montrose Apartment Hotel
     Mop Factory
     Morrison Building
     Morse Public School
     Morton's Dance Hall
     Motor Freight Station
     Motor Pump Factory
     Motorcycle Repair Shop
     Mount Gilead Baptist Church
     Mount Pisgah Baptist Church
     Mount Pleasant Baptist Church
     Mount Vernon Baptist Church
     Mount Vernon Primitive Baptist Church
     Mount Washington Baptist Church
     Mount Washington M. E. Church
     Mount Washington Masonic Hall
     Mount Washington School
     Mount Zion Baptist Church
     Movie Studio
     Muehlebach Towers
     Munford Court Apartments
     Municipal Auditorium
     Municipal Court
     Municipal Swimming Pool
     Municipal Wharf Freight Terminal Building
     Murray Hill Flats
     Musicians Building
     Mutual Building
     Nassau Flats
     National Bank of Commerce Building
     National Church of Positive Christianity
     National Fidelity Life Building
     National Guard Armory 242nd Engineers
     National Guard Armory, 3rd Regiment
     National Training School for Christian Workers
     Navajo Building
     Nazarene Seminary Hall
     Nelson Building
     Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
     Neon Sign Factory
     Netherland Flats
     Nettleton Home
     Neurological Hospital
     New Apostle Church
     New England Building
     New England Flats
     New Haven Baptist Church
     New Haven Flats
     New Hope Baptist Church
     New Hope Missionary Baptist Church
     New Nelson Building
     New Switzer School
     New York Flats
     New York Life Insurance Company Building
     Niagra Flats
     Niles Home for Children
     Ninth Church Christian Science Society
     Ninth Street Christian Science Society
     Nora Clark Home for Invalids
     Norman School
     North Kansas City Depot
     Northeast Community Center of the Italian Institute
     Northeast Gospel Tabernacle
     Northeast High School
     Northeast Hospital
     Northeast Junior High School
     Northeast Lodge Number 643
     Northeast Masonic Temple
     Northeast Presbyterian Church
     Nottberg Bros.
     Nurses Home
     Nursing Home
     O. A. Dean Building
     Oak Park Christian Church
     Oakhurst Methodist Episcopal Church
     Oakley M. E. Church
     Oakley Methodist Church
     Oatka Flats
     Odd Fellows Hall
     Odd Fellows Temple
     Ognir Apartment Hotel
     Ohave Israel Synagogue
     Ohio Flats
     Oldenburg Flats
     Olive Street Baptist Church
     Olivet Baptist Church
     Olivet Congregational Church
     Olivet Trading School and Baptist Church
     Olympia Flats
     Open Door of Hope Church
     Optical College
     Organized Reserve Corps Armory
     Ortiz Flats
     Orville Apartments
     Our House Community Center
     Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church
     Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic School
     Our Lady of Mercy Old Folks Home
     Our Lady of Perpetual Help
     Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church
     Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic School
     Oxford Apartments
     Oxford Flats


     Page School
     Paradise Missionary Baptist Church
     Park Avenue Baptist Church
     Park Board Building
     Park Castles Apartments
     Park Central Apartment Hotel
     Park Line Apartment Hotel
     Park Manor Apartments
     Park Plaza Apartment Hotel
     Parkway Baptist Church
     Paseo Apartments
     Paseo Baptist Church
     Paseo Christian Chuch
     Paseo Flats
     Paseo High School
     Paseo M. E. Church
     Paseo Presbyterian Church
     Passenger Depot
     Pathfinder Flats
     Pemberton Apartments
     Pembroke Country Day School for Boys
     Penn School
     Penn Valley Park Buildings
     Pennbrook Apartment Hotel
     Pennington Apartment Hotel
     Pennock Building
     Pennsylvania Avenue Baptist Church
     Pentecostal Church
     Pentecostal Church of God of America Incorporated
     Pentecostal Holiness Church
     Peoria Flats
     Pepper Building
     Pergola Flats
     Phillips Colored School
     Phoenix Park M. E. Church
     Pickwick Building
     Pickwick Garage
     Pilgrim Baptist Church
     Pilgrim Church
     Pilgrim Lutheran Church for the Deaf
     Plaza House Apartments
     Plaza U. P. Church
     Pleasant Green Baptist Church
     Pleasant View Apartments
     Police Station #3
     Police Station #6
     Police Station 4107
     Police Station 7
     Police Station No. 5
     Polyclinic Hospital
     Porter Building
     Portland Flats
     Postal Telegraph Building
     Potato Chip Factory
     Power House
     Presbyterian Church
     Presbyterian Church of the Covenant
     Produce Exchange Building
     Professional Building
     Progress Club Building
     Progressive Baptist Church
     Prospect Apartments
     Prospect Avenue Congregational Church
     Public Comfort Station
     Pyrmont Flats
     Quality Hill Towers
     Queen of the World Hospital R.C.
     R. A. Long Building
     R. J. Delano Public School for Crippled Children
     R. L. Stevenson Apartments
     R. T. Coles Vocational and Junior High School
     Radio and Television School
     Radio Broadcasting Station
     Railroad Roundhouse
     Railway Exchange Building
     Railway Express Building
     Raineer Apartments
     Raleigh Arms Apartments
     Ravenwood Flats
     Raywood Apartments
     Red Cross Hospital
     Redemptorist Catholic Church
     Redemptorist Father's Home
     Redemptorist School
     Reformed Church
     Reformed Presbyterian Church
     Reliance Building
     Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
     Research Hospital
     Research Hospital School of Nursing
     Rialto Building
     Richardson Apartments
     Ridge Building
     Riss Building
     River Club
     Riverview Bridge
     Riviera Apartment Hotel
     Roanoke Baptist Church
     Roanoke Christian Church
     Roanoke M. E. Church
     Roanoke Presbyterian Church
     Robert Browning Apartments
     Robinson Neurological Clinic
     Rock of Ages Baptist Church
     Rockford Flats
     Rockhill Baptist Church
     Rockhill Manor
     Rockhurst High School
     Rockhurst University
     Roller Skating Rink
     Rollins School
     Rookery Building
     Roosevelt Apartments
     Rosalind Flats
     Rosemont Hospital
     Rothenberg and Schloss Building
     Rousseau Apartments
     Rowland Apartment Hotel
     Ryan Flats


     Sacred Heart Catholic Church
     Sacred Heart Parish Hall
     Sacred Heart School
     Saint Agnes Academy
     Saint Aloysius Catholic Church
     Saint Aloysius Catholic School
     Saint Aloysius Grade School
     Saint Aloysius High School
     Saint Andrew's Episcopal Church
     Saint Andrew's Methodist Church
     Saint Ann's Roman Catholic Church
     Saint Ann's Roman Catholic School
     Saint Anthony Infants' Home
     Saint Augustine Episcopal Church
     Saint Augustine Mission
     Saint Catherine's Roman Catholic Home for Girls
     Saint Clair Apartment Hotel
     Saint Cyril's Roman Catholic Church
     Saint Elizabeth Catholic Church
     Saint Francis Church
     Saint Francis Parochial School
     Saint Francis Roman Catholic Church
     Saint Francis School
     Saint Francis Seraph Catholic Church
     Saint Francis Seraph Catholic School
     Saint Francis Xavier Catholic Church
     Saint George's Episcopal Church
     Saint George's Protestant Cathedral
     Saint James Catholic Church
     Saint James Catholic School
     Saint James Center
     Saint James Recreation Center
     Saint John Bosco Center R. C. Community Hall
     Saint John's A.M.E. Church
     Saint John's Baptist Church
     Saint John's Catholic Mission
     Saint John's Chapel
     Saint John's Church
     Saint John's Episcopal Church
     Saint John's Parish School
     Saint John's Roman Catholic Church
     Saint John's Roman Catholic School
     Saint John's Seminary
     Saint Joseph's Catholic Church
     Saint Joseph's Catholic School
     Saint Joseph's Hospital
     Saint Joseph's Hospital Chapel (Quality Hill)
     Saint Joseph's Orphan Home
     Saint Louis Roman Catholic Church
     Saint Louis Roman Catholic School
     Saint Luke A.M.E. Church
     Saint Luke's Hospital
     Saint Luke's Nurses Home
     Saint Mark Baptist Church
     Saint Mark's Episcopal Church
     Saint Mark's Lutheran Church
     Saint Mary's Catholic Church
     Saint Mary's Catholic School
     Saint Mary's Church
     Saint Mary's Episcopal Church
     Saint Mary's Holy Temple Non-Denominational Church
     Saint Mary's Hospital
     Saint Mary's Hospital Nurses Home
     Saint Michael's Parochial School
     Saint Michael's Roman Catholic Church
     Saint Monica Catholic Church
     Saint Monica Catholic School
     Saint Patrick's Catholic Church
     Saint Patrick's School
     Saint Paul Baptist Church
     Saint Paul's Baptist Church
     Saint Paul's Church of the Nazarene
     Saint Paul's Episcopal Church
     Saint Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church
     Saint Paul's Presbyterian Church
     Saint Paul's Reformed Church
     Saint Peter and Paul Catholic Church
     Saint Peter and Paul Cemetery
     Saint Peter's Catholic Church
     Saint Peter's Catholic School
     Saint Peter's Evangelical Church
     Saint Philip's Primitive Baptist Church
     Saint Stanislaus' Roman Catholic Church and School
     Saint Stephen Baptist Church
     Saint Stephen's Roman Catholic Church
     Saint Stephen's Roman Catholic School
     Saint Teresa's Academy
     Saint Therese's Roman Catholic Church
     Saint Therese's Roman Catholic School
     Saint Vincent's Academy
     Saint Vincent's Catholic Church
     Saint Vincent's Hospital
     Salad Dressing Factory
     Salem Home for the Aged
     Salvation Army
     Salvation Army Hall
     Salvation Army Women's Hotel
     Sausage Factory
     Sausage Manufacturing Plant
     Scarritt Arcade
     Scarritt Bible and Training School
     Scarritt Building
     Scarritt Public School
     School of the Prophet Church
     Schutte Building
     Schuyler Apartment Hotel
     Schuyler Ashley House
     Scottish Rite Club House
     Scottish Rite Temple
     Second Baptist Church
     Second Central Baptist Church
     Second Church of Christ Scientist
     Second Presbyterian Chuch
     Second Presbyterian Church
     Senate Apartment Hotel
     Seven Oaks School
     Seventh Church of Christ Scientists
     Seventh Day Adventist Church
     Seventh Day Adventist Junior Academy
     Sewage Pumping Station
     Sewer Pipe Yard
     Shannon Building
     Sharp Building
     Sheet Metal Works
     Sheffield Depot
     Sheidley Building
     Shelter House
     Shrine Hall
     Shukert Building
     Shuyler Apartment Hotel
     Signal Tower
     Silent Workers Spiritual Church of Christ
     Sisters Aid Jewish Orphan's Home
     Sixth Church of Christ Scientist
     Skylight Baptist Church
     Smith Building
     Snow Fence Manufacturing
     Soldiers Memorial Building
     Somerton Apartment Hotel
     Sophian Plaza Apartment Hotel
     South Park Baptist Church
     South Prospect Christian Church
     South Prospect Methodist Church
     Southeast Baptist Church
     Southeast Christian Assembly Pentecostal Church
     Southeast High School
     Southeast Presbyterian Church
     Southland Apartments
     Southside Baptist Church
     Southside Hall
     Southside Hospital
     Southwest Boulevard House
     Southwest High School
     Southwest Warehouse Building
     Southwestern Bell Telephone Building
     Spalding Building
     Spanish Court Apartments
     Spiritual Brotherhood Church of Jesus Christ
     Spofford Building
     Spofford Home for Children
     Springfield Avenue Christian Church
     Spruce Avenue A.M.E. Church
     Spruce Avenue Baptist Church
     Spruce Street Baptist Church
     St. Andrew's M. E. Church
     St. John Flats
     St. Theresa Convent
     Stanford B. Ladd School
     Starlight Baptist Church
     Starlight Spiritual Church of Jesus Christ
     Starlight Theatre
     State Highway Department--Division No. 4 Headquarters
     Steam Laundry
     Sterling Apartment Hotel
     Sterling Building
     Stewart M. E. Church
     Stonleigh Court Apartment House
     Street Department
     Studio Building
     Stuffed Toy Factory
     Sugar Creek City Hall
     Sugar Creek Fire Department
     Sugar Creek M. E. Church
     Sugar Creek Post Office
     Sugar Creek School
     Summit Street Church of God
     Summit Street Methodist Church
     Sumner School
     Sunderland Place
     Sunrise Baptist Church
     Sunset Hill School
     Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Immanuel Church
     Swedish Methodist Church
     Swedish Mission
     Swimming Pool
     Switzer School
     Swope Park Baptist Mission
     Swope Park Christian Assembly Church
     Swope Park Christian Church
     Swope Pavilion
     Swope Ridge Nursing Home
     Tabernacle Baptist Church
     Tabernacle of the Christian Assembly
     Tancrede Flats
     Technical School
     Telephone Building
     Telephone Exchange
     Television Training School
     Temple Baptist Church
     Temporary housing
     Ten-Twelve Building
     Tent and Awning Factory
     Texas Flats
     Thacher School
     Thayer Building
     The Alps Apartments
     The Armory
     The Chimes Apartments
     The Church of God
     The Church of God of Prophecy
     The Collonade
     The Eleanore
     The Fairfield
     The Friendly Church of the Assembly of God
     The Harbor Home
     The Herndon Flats
     The Liberal Center
     The Marlborough
     The Navarro Flats
     The New Casino Dancing Academy
     The Normandy Apartments
     The Parade Temporary Housing Project
     The Ralph Sanitarium
     The Sentinel
     The Vickers
     Theron B. Watkins Municipal Housing Project Apartments
     Third Assembly of God Church
     Third Church of Christ, Scientist
     Third Presbyterian Church
     Third Spiritualist Church
     Thomas Carlyle Apartments
     Thomas Corrigan Building
     Thomas Corrigan Building add
     Thorndike-Hall Apartments
     Thorndyke Flats
     Thornton and Minor Hospital
     Tin Shop
     Tiphereth Israel Synagogue and School
     Title Building
     Tom B. Owens Building
     Tool House
     Touraine Apartment Hotel
     Tracy Avenue Community Center
     Train Shed
     Transit Workers Hall
     Trinity Baptist Church
     Trinity Church
     Trinity Evangelical Church
     Trinity Full Gospel Church of God
     Trinity Lutheran Hospital
     Trinity M. E. Church
     Trinity Nazarene Church
     Troop 27 Boy Scout Camp
     Troost Arms Apartment Hotel
     Troost Avenue Dancing Academy
     Troost Avenue Gospel Hall Association Church
     Troost Avenue Methodist Church
     Troost Flats
     Troost School
     True-Vine Baptist Church
     Truelight Baptist Church
     Tullis Place Apartments (Court)
     Turkey Creek Sewer Pumping Station
     Turner Hall
     Tuscarawas Flats
     Twenty West 9th Street Building
     Twin Oaks Apartments
     Twin Oaks Apartments
     U. S. Trade School Body and Fender Works
     U.S. Army Quartermasters Department--Kansas City Branch
     U.S. Engineering Company
     U.S. Post Office Westport Station
     U.S. Veterans Administration Hospital
     Union Carbide Building
     Union Depot
     Union Hall
     Union House
     Union National Bank Building
     Union Pacific Freight Depot
     Union Passenger Depot
     Union Station
     Union Station Power House
     Union Station Store House
     United Presbyterian Church
     United States Marine Corps Reserve
     United States Naval and Marine Corps Reserve Training Center
     United States Naval Reserve Building
     United States Post Office
     United States Post Office and Custom House
     United States Post Office Garage
     United States Post Office Station "A"
     United States Post Office Station "B"
     United States Post Office Station "C"
     United States Post Office Station "D"
     United States Post Office Station "E"
     United States Post Office Station "F"
     United States Post Office Station 9
     United States Post Office Sub-Station
     United Warehouse
     Unity Inn
     Unity Society of Practical Christianity
     Unity Society Printing House
     Unity Tract Society
     University Club
     University Heights Christian Church
     University Hospital
     University of Kansas City
     University of Kansas City Dental College
     University of Kansas City Science Building
     University Play House
     University Veterinary College
     Updegraff Flats
     Utopia Flats


     Valdora Flats
     Valentine Apartment Hotel
     Valley Memorial Baptist Church
     Van Brunt Church of Christ
     Van Brunt Presbyterian Church
     Van Horn High School
     Van Horn School
     Vanity Fair Apartments
     Vesta Place Flats
     Veterans of Foreign Wars Club House
     Veterinary Hospital
     Viar Ritz Apartment Hotel
     Victor Building
     View Point Cottages
     Villa Logarno Apartment Hotel
     Villa Serena Apartment Hotel
     Vine Street Baptist Church
     Vineyard Park Hospital
     Visitation Catholic Church
     Visitation Catholic School
     Vitagraph Film Exchange Building
     Volker School
     Volunteers of America Church
     W. J. Barnes Greenhouse
     W. P. A. Building
     W. P. A. Mattress Factory
     W. P. A. Offices and Work Rooms
     W. W. Yates School
     Waldheim Building
     Wales Building
     Walnut Nursing Center
     Walnut Street Building
     Walnuts Apartments
     Walrond Avenue Presbyterian Church
     Walsix Building
     Waltower Building
     Ward's Chapel of A.M.E. Church
     Warfield Chapel
     Warwick Court
     Washington Irving Apartments
     Washington School
     Washington Square
     Water Department
     Water Plant Bottling Works
     Water Treating Compound Factory
     Water Works
     Water Works Building
     Waverly Block
     Waverly Flats
     Wayside Pulpit of Calvary Lutheran Church
     Weaver Place
     Webster School
     Wendell Phillips School
     Wesley Hospital
     Wesley M. E. Church
     West Junior Health Center
     West Junior High School
     West Side Christian Church
     West Side Church of the Body of Christ
     West Side Community Center
     Western Auto Building
     Western Baptist Seminary
     Western Dental College
     Western Newspaper Union
     Western Union Telegraph Building
     Western Veterinary College
     Westminster Congregational Church
     Westminster Flats
     Westminster Presbyterian Church
     Westport Arms Apartments
     Westport Avenue Presbyterian Church
     Westport Baptist Church
     Westport Branch Library
     Westport District Public School
     Westport High School
     Westport Methodist Church
     Whatsoever Circle Community House
     Wheatley Public School
     Wheatley-Provident Hospital
     White Avenue Methodist Church
     Whitehall Apartments
     Whiting Building
     Whitney Building
     Whittier Public School
     Wholesale Drugs
     Wilburn Flats
     Wilfred Flats
     William A. Knotts School
     William Cullen Bryant School
     William Jewell Baptist Church
     William Rockhill Nelson School
     Williams Flats
     Willis Chapel A. M. E. Church
     Willows Maternity Hospital
     Window Shade Factory
     Winner Bridge
     Winnifred Place
     Wirthman Building
     Women's Christian Association Estate
     Women's Club
     Women's Reformatory
     Woodland Apartments
     Woodland Avenue Christian Church
     Woodland School
     Woodlea Hotel
     Wornall Road Baptist Church
     Wrenmoor Apartment Hotel
     Wyandotte Bridge


     Yale Flats
     Yeager School
     Young Men's Christian Association
     Young Men's Christian Association (Negro)
     Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)
     Young Men's Christian Association-Blue Valley Branch
     Young Men's Christian Association-Linwood Branch
     Young Men's Hebrew Association
     Young Women's Christian Association
     Young Women's Christian Association - Paseo Branch
     Zion City Missionary Baptist Church
     Zion Grove Baptist Church