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Sanborn Maps Collection

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     "2 E" Garage and Auto Storage


     5th Avenue Hotel


     A. Booth and Company
     A. D. Mohr Greenhouse
     A. F. Barbe's Green Houses
     A. H. Sammons Mattress Company
     A. Holtman Furnace Manufacturing and Repair
     A. J. Shirk Roofing Company
     A. J. Stevens and Company
     A. K. Sweet Manufacturing Company
     A. M. Hughes Paint and Glass Company
     A. O. Thompson Lumber Company
     A. Steinhorst and Company Hawkeye Vinegar and Pickle Works
     A. Sutermeister Cut Stone Works
     A. Y. McDonald Manufacturing Company
     A.B.C. Storage & Van Company
     Aalco Roofing Company
     ABC Fireproof Wholesale Company
     Aberdeen Hotel
     Abernathy Furniture Company
     Abner-Hood Chemical Company
     Acacia Coal Company
     Ackerman and Ackerman Green House
     Acme Bedding Company
     Acme Cleansing Company
     Acme Mill and Elevator
     Acme Patterns and Models
     Acme Sash and Mill Company
     Adam's Express Company
     Adams Transfer and Storage Company
     Adelphi Garage
     Admiral Hay Press Company
     Advance Thresher Company
     Aermotor Company
     Aines Dairy Company
     Aladdin Hotel
     Albert Tamm Lumber Company
     Alcazar Hotel
     Alexander-Wayne Company
     Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Company
     Allstate Insurance Company
     Almeda Hotel
     Altamont Hotel
     Altman Floral Company
     Alton Hotel
     Ambassador Hotel
     American Alloys Corporation
     American and Venetian Marble Company
     American Asphalt Roofing Corporation
     American Butter Company
     American Can Company
     American Chicle Company
     American Company
     American Compressed Steel Company
     American Creosoting Company
     American Dairies Incorporated
     American DeForest Wireless Telegraph Company
     American Express Company
     American Industrial and Warehouse Company
     American Linseed Oil Company
     American Radiator Company
     American Refrigerator Transit Company
     American Roofing Company
     American Sash and Door Company
     American Steel and Wire Company
     American Steel Tank Company
     American Steel Works
     American Telephone and Telegraph Company
     Ammon and Son Feed Mill and Elevator
     Anchor Steel Warehouse, Inc.
     Anheuser-Busch Brewing Company
     Antler's Hotel
     Apex Coal Company
     Arcadia Hotel
     Arctic Dairy and Ice Cream Factory USE Arctic Dairy Products Company
     Arctic Dairy Products Company
     Armour Packing Company
     Arnette Hotel
     Arthur B. Mueller Heating Company
     Artificial Ice Company
     Ashe-Lockhart Incorporated
     Ashland Hotel
     Askew Saddlery Company
     Asphalt Burial Vault Factory
     Associated Lumber and Millwork Company
     Astor Hotel
     Atlas Oats Company
     Atlas Steam Laundry
     Auditorium Theater
     Aultman, Miller and Company
     Avery Manufacturing Company
     Avilon Hotel
     B. Adler and Company
     B. F. Cary Feed and Fuel
     B. P. Clapp Amonia Company
     B. R. Electric and Telephone Manufacturing Company
     Baar-Dubach Lumber Company
     Bachelor Laundry
     Badger Lumber Company
     Baker-Lockwood Manufacturing Company
     Baltimore Hotel
     Baltimore House
     Bank of Commerce
     Bankers and Merchants Lithographing Company
     Barada and Page, Incorporated
     Barber Asphalt Paving Company
     Barnett Fuel Company Coal Yard
     Barrett Manufactuing Company
     Barton Brothers Shoe Factory
     Battenfeld Grease & Oil Corporation
     Bauer Machine Works Company
     Bayles Vehicle Top and Trimming Company
     Beemis Brothers Bag Company
     Beggs Wagon Company
     Belger Cartage Service Inc.
     Belger Warehouse Company
     Bell File and Rasp Company
     Bell Telephone Company
     Bell Waist Company
     Belleview Apartment Hotel
     Bellmont Hotel
     Belt Line Coal Company
     Belt Line Lumber Company
     Belt Line Storage and Warehouse Company
     Bemis Brothers Bag Company
     Ben Nordberg Coal Company Inc.
     Benedict Paper Company
     Benson Manufacturing Company
     Berkeley Hotel
     Berkowitz Envelope Company
     Berkshire Lumber Company
     Berlau Paper Company
     Bernheimer Brothers and Co.
     Berry Iron Works Company
     Berry-Wood Piano Player Company
     Best Hotel
     Beyer Portrait Company
     Binkley Coal Company
     Bismarck Hotel
     Black Sivalls and Bryson Metal Tank Manufacturers
     Blackstone Hotel
     Blatz Brewery
     Bliss Syrup Refining Company
     Block-Horn Preserving Company
     Blossom House Hotel
     Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City
     Blue Front Sale Stables
     Blue Line Transfer Company
     Blue Valley Creamery Company
     Blue Valley Distillery
     Blue Valley Foundry Company
     Blue Valley Structural Steel Work
     Bolen Coal Company
     Bonaventure Hotel
     Bonniwell, Calvin Iron Company
     Booker T. Hotel
     Borden's Home Dairy
     Borden's Produce Company
     Boss Manufacturing Company
     Boulevard Manor Hotel
     Bowen Construction Company
     Boyd Crusher and Quarry Company
     Boyd's Greenhouses
     Bradbury, E. H. Railroad Contractor
     Bradford Hotel
     Bradley, Alderson and Company
     Brady-Meriden Creamery Company
     Bramblee Hotel
     Brauer-Gressman Company
     Bremer Stone Company
     Brevoort Hotel
     Broadlands Family Hotel
     Broadway Hotel
     Brooks Coal, Ice and Transfer Company
     Brookside Hotel
     Brower Lumber Company
     Brown Bed Manufacturing Company
     Brown Strauss Corporation
     Brown-Strauss Steel Company
     Brown, George W. and Company
     Brown-Strauss Steel Company
     Browning, King and Company
     Bruce Dodson and Company
     Bruce Dodson Insurance Company
     Bruce Lumber Company
     Bruce McDonald Manufacturing
     Brunswick Hotel
     Brunswick-Balke-Collender Company
     Budd Park Greenhouses
     Buick Motor Company
     Burd and Fletcher Printing Company
     Burge Iron and Fence Works
     Burham-Munger Manufacturing
     Burlington Overall Company
     Burnham, Hanna, Munger Dry Goods Company
     Burton Dixi Corporation
     Business Men's Assurance Company
     Butler Manufacturing Company
     Butler Paper Company
     Byron Hotel
     C. A. Brockett Cement Company
     C. A. Murdock and Company
     C. B. Poke Manufacturing Company
     C. C. Christie Private Stable
     C. D. Quier-Carr and Buggy Top Company
     C. J. Fletcher Candy Company
     C. J. Patterson and Company
     Cadillac Hotel
     California Stucco Products Company
     Campbell and Cutler Paint and Glass Company
     Campbell Baking Company
     Campbell-Taggart Research Corporation
     Carbonated Beverage Company
     Carnie-Goudie Co. Tent and Awning Factory
     Carpenter Paper Company
     Carter-Waters Corporation
     Caseo Hotel
     Cash Bargain Lumber Company
     Central Coal and Coke Company
     Central Bag Co.
     Central Brass Works Company
     Central Coal and Coke Company
     Central Hotel
     Central House
     Central Ice Company
     Central Manufacturing Company
     Central Paper Box Company
     Central Storage Company
     Centropolis Hotel
     Centropolis Lumber Company
     Certain-Teed Products Corporation
     Champagne Cider Company
     Channellene Oil and Manufacturing Company
     Chapman Dairy
     Charles Biedermann's Green Houses
     Charles Brown Printing Company
     Charles P. Shipley Harness, Boots and Saddles
     Chase Bag Company
     Chatham Hotel
     Chevrolet Motor Company
     Chicago and Alton Elevator Company
     Chicago Model Cleaning and Dyeing Company
     Chicago Transfer Company
     Christensen-Nordberg Company
     Chrome Fixture Manufacturing Company
     Cinder Concrete Products Incorporated
     Cities Service Oil Company
     City Ice Company
     City National Bank
     City Pound
     Claridge Hotel
     Clark and Bates Lumber Company
     Clay and Bailey Manufacturing Company
     Cleaners Specialties Inc.
     Cleaners Specialties, Inc.
     Clifford Hotel
     Clifton House
     Clinton Transfer Company
     Clipper Manufacturing Company
     Coates House Hotel
     Coca Cola Bottling Company
     Coleman Livery and Sale Stable
     College Inn
     Colorado House Hotel
     Columbia Bedding Company
     Columbia Wiping Cloth Company
     Columbian Hog and Cattle Powder Company
     Columbian Hotel
     Columbian Steel Tank Company
     Columbus House
     Comfort Felt Company
     Commerce Trust Company
     Commercial Hotel
     Commercial Lithographing Company
     Community Laundries Company
     Concrete Building Units Company
     Congress Hotel
     Connelly Hardwood Lumber Company
     Consolidated Fuel Oil Company
     Consolidated Supply Company Inc.
     Consumer Fuel Company
     Continental Baking Company
     Continental Can Company
     Continental Export Company
     Continental Grain Company
     Continental Hotel
     Continental Oil Company
     Continental Varnish Company
     Convention Hotel
     Conway Brothers Horse and Mule Company
     Cook Chemical Company
     Cook-O'Brien Construction Company
     Cookson Iron Works Company
     Cosby Hotel
     Country Club Dairy
     Country Club Laundry
     Country Club Lumber Company
     Cowden Manufacturing Company
     Cramer Posture Chair Company
     Crampton Farley Brass Company
     Crane Company
     Creamery Package Company
     Crescent Laundry
     Crooks Terminal Warehouses
     Crooks Terminal Warehouses Incorporated
     Crowe Bakery
     Crown Zellerbach Corporation
     Cummings Lumber Company
     Curtain Laundry
     Cutler and Neilson Paint and Color Company
     Cyphers Incubator Company


     D. A. Moore Transfer and Storage Company
     D. A. Morr Storage and Warehouse Company
     D. J. Newkirk Livery
     D. S. Gordon, Son and Company
     D. W. Gist Cabinet Company, Inc.
     D. W. Newcomer, Undertaker
     Daily Drovers Telegram
     Daniels-McCray Lumber Company
     Dascomb-Daniels Lumber Company
     Davidson Furniture Company
     De Kalb Fence Company
     Deatherage Lumber Company
     Deitz Hill Development Company
     Delmar Hotel
     Dempster Mill Manufacturing Company
     Densmore Hotel
     Depot Carriage and Baggage Company
     DeSoto Hotel
     Dewey Hotel
     Diamond Excelsior Factory
     Diamond Petroleum Company
     Dick Brothers Brewing Company
     Dickey Bird, Target and Trap Company
     Dickey Clay Manufacturing Company
     Dierks and Son's Lumber Company
     Dierks Lumber and Coal Company
     Dimension Lumber
     Dixie Mill and Elevator Company
     Dodson Elevator
     Dodson Sash and Door Company
     Donnely Garment Company
     Downtown Theater
     Dresden Hotel
     Drexel Hotel
     Drover's Hotel
     Duff and Repp Furniture Company
     Dunlap Laundry
     E. A. Humfeld Florist
     E. B. Harris Coal Company
     E. H. Roberts Portraits
     E. L. Degan Coal Company
     E. R. Boynton and Company
     E. R. Squibb and Sons
     E. Ransom and Company
     Eads Water Company
     Eagle Dr. Pepper Bottling Company
     Eagle Elevator
     Eagle Manufacturing Co.
     Economy Gas Lamp Company
     Edison Electric Light and Power Company
     Elberon Harness Company
     Electric Storage and Battery Company
     Eli Lilly and Company
     Ellet-Kendall Shoe Company
     Emerson and Newton Company
     Emery Hotel
     Emery, Bird, Thayer Company
     Empire Court Hotel
     Empire Storage and Ice Company
     Empress Theater
     English Brothers Machinery Company
     English Iron Works Company
     English Supply and Engine Company
     Enterprise Foundry Company
     Enterprise Manufacturing Company
     Ernst Brothers Company
     Essex Hotel
     Estille Hotel
     Ettwein Motor Car Company
     Eureka Petroleum Company
     Evans Transfer Company
     Evans, Smith Drug Company
     Exchange Hotel
     Faeth Iron Company
     Fairbanks, Morse and Company
     Fairfax Bread Company
     Fairmount Hotel
     Family Hotel
     Farmers National Grain Corporation
     Faultless Laundry
     Faultless Starch Company
     Faxon, Horton, and Gallagher Company
     Federal Supply Company
     Federal Van and Storage Company
     Feeders Supply Company
     Feldmeyer and Schrages Carriage Works
     Fern Steam Laundry
     Firestone Tire Company
     First National Bank
     Fisher Body Company
     Fitts Dry Goods Company
     Flanagan Brother's Brick Yard
     Flanagan Mills and Elevator Company
     Flannery Coal Company
     Folger Coffee Company (Folgers)
     Ford Motor Company
     Ford Steam Laundry Company
     Forest Hotel
     Frain Hotel
     Frank Metal Company
     Frank Tilk Ornamental Iron Works
     Frankel, Frank and Company
     Franklin Ice Cream Company
     Fred S. Brooks, Coal, Grain and Transfer
     Fred Wolferman Incorporated
     Funkhouser Machinery Company


     G. F. Renick Greenhouses
     G. M. Sappenfield Rug Factory
     G. W. Frogge Transport Company
     G. W. Lovejoy Planing Mill
     Galva Creamery Company
     Gargill, Inc.
     Garr Scott and Company
     Gas Light Company
     Gate City Bank
     Gate City Laundry Company
     Gate City Machine Works
     Gate City Petroleum Company
     General Baking Company
     General Box Company
     General Mills Incorporated
     General Motors
     General Outdoor Advertising Company
     George A. Breon Office and Drug Warehouse
     George B. Peck Dry Goods Company
     George Bennet Construction Company
     George L. Brown and Son
     George Pugh's Foundry
     George Vogl Tool Works
     George W. Johnson Manufacturing Company
     German-American Building and Loan Association
     Gift Shop Necessities Company
     Gillpatrick's Steam Laundry
     Gladstone Hotel
     Glasco Electric Company
     Globe Steam Laundry
     Globe Storage and Transfer Company
     Globe Woodland Laundry
     Golden Star Manufacturing Company
     Goodennow Textile Company
     Goodyear Rubber Company
     Gordon Coffee and Spice Company
     Gordon Howard Company
     Gould Hotel
     Gould Storage Battery Corporation
     Graham Paper Company
     Grand Avenue Baking Company
     Grand Avenue Ice Company
     Grand Central Hotel
     Grand Hotel
     Grand Junction Hotel
     Gray-Bryan Coal Company
     Gray-Bryan-Sweeney Coal Yard
     Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company
     Great Plains Furniture Corporation
     Great Western Manufacturing Company
     Great Western Oil Refining Company
     Great Western Paint Manufacturing Corporation
     Great Western Type Foundry
     Green Tree Brewery
     Gregory Grocery Company
     Grennan Bakeries Inc.
     Gulf Elevator Company
     Gustin-Bacon Manufacturing Company
     Guys Nut & Potato Chip Company
     H. D. Lee Company
     H. H. Smith Storage Company
     H. Levi Company
     H. T. Poindexter and Sons Merchandise Company
     H. W. Archer Livery Transfer
     H. W. Harry Tank and Culvert Works
     Haag and Halamick Manufacturing Company
     Hall-Truman Furniture Company
     Hall-Ware Motor Company
     Hallmark Cards
     Hamilton Apartment Hotel
     Hanna Rubber Company
     Hansen's Steam Dye Works
     Hare Hotel
     Harlan and Harlan Machine Works
     Harrison Manufacturing Company
     Hart's Boat Tours
     Harvey Machine Works
     Havens Structural Steel Company
     Haysler Iron Company
     Heim Brewery
     Helmers Manufacturing Company
     Henry Schrage Brick Yard
     Henry Weis Cornice Company
     Hesse Carriage Company
     Hocquard Chair and Furniture Company
     Holcker Elberg Carriage Rubber Company
     Home Coal and Lumber Company
     Home Rug and Curtain Cleaning Company
     Home Telephone Company
     Hoover Battery and Separator Company
     Hoover Stove and Casting Company
     Hope Lumber Company
     Hopkins Theatre
     Hossfeld Trunk Manufacturing
     Hotel Aberdeen
     Hotel Adkins
     Hotel Albia
     Hotel Ashland
     Hotel Auditorium
     Hotel Bon Air
     Hotel Brents
     Hotel Carleton
     Hotel Collinwood
     Hotel Columbia
     Hotel Compton
     Hotel Cordova
     Hotel Cortez
     Hotel Crest
     Hotel Dundee
     Hotel Eastman
     Hotel Effingham
     Hotel Ester
     Hotel Highland
     Hotel Holmes
     Hotel Hoyt
     Hotel Inez
     Hotel Lafayette
     Hotel Leawood
     Hotel Lohengrin
     Hotel Marlborough
     Hotel Missouri
     Hotel Monarch
     Hotel Monroe
     Hotel Muehlebach
     Hotel North
     Hotel Oakley
     Hotel Parkview
     Hotel Penn
     Hotel President
     Hotel Provence
     Hotel Puritan
     Hotel Rasbach
     Hotel Ray
     Hotel Reid
     Hotel Rex
     Hotel Ricardo
     Hotel Roslin
     Hotel Roxford
     Hotel Saint Elmo
     Hotel Schiller
     Hotel Sherman
     Hotel Snyder
     Hotel Snyderhof
     Hotel Stockholm
     Hotel Stratford
     Hotel Tattershall
     Hotel Touraine
     Hotel Troy
     Hotel Turner
     Hotel Willard
     Howard Hotel
     Hoyland Flour Mills Company
     Hudson-Kimberly Publishing Company
     Hugh E. Thompson Broom Corn Warehouse
     Hugh Mathews Machine Shop
     Humboldt Hotel
     Humfeld Floral Company
     Hurd Rice Milling Company
     Hurry Up Transfer
     Hydraulic Press Brick Company
     Hydraulic Pressed Brick Company
     Illene Hotel
     Imperial Boarding
     Imperial Brewery
     Imperial Casket Company
     Imperial Skirt Company
     Indiana Coal Company
     Indianapolis Abbattoir Company
     Industrial Lumber Company
     Industrial Paper Stock Company
     Inez Hotel
     Inman Box Company
     Intercity Garage and Repair Company
     International Business Machine Corporation
     International Harvester Company
     Interstate Bindery Company
     Irving-Pitt Manufacturing Company
     Isis Theater


     J. A. Bachman Wholesale Cigars, Tobacco and Wines
     J. A. Comstock and Company
     J. B. Rust Sash and Door Company
     J. C. Nichols Company
     J. F. Pritchard Company
     J. H. Hodes Planing Mill
     J. H. Leonard Coal Sheds
     J. I. Case Threshing Machine Company
     J. I. May and Son Carriage Works
     J. L. Bartlett Structural Steel Company
     J. M. Byrne Lumber Company
     J. M. Katzmaier Coal Yard
     J. Morantz and Son
     J. S. Smith and Company
     J. T. Clemon's Green Houses
     J. T. Rosbrook Company
     J. W. Merrill Lumber
     Jackson Manufacturing Company
     Jackson's Laundry
     Jacob Dold Packing Company
     Jacobs Warehouse Company Incorporated
     James Payne and Son Greenhouse
     Jarboe Hotel
     Jay and Smith Hat Company
     Jefferson Hotel
     Jenkins Music Company
     Jensen-Salsbery Laboratories, Inc.
     John Deere Company
     John Gund Brewing Company
     John Hogland and Son
     John T. Kennedy Sales Company
     John Taylor Dry Goods Company
     Johnson Furnace Company
     Jone's Coal Yard
     Jones Dry Goods Company
     Jones Leather Company
     Jones Store Company
     Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company
     Kaiser Boiler Works
     Kan-Jax Chemical Company
     Kansas Citian Hotel
     Kansas City Aluminum Foundry
     Kansas City Architectural Decorating Company
     Kansas City Auction Company
     Kansas City Bag Manufacturing Company
     Kansas City Bill Posting Company
     Kansas City Billiard Table Manufacturing Company
     Kansas City Boiler Works
     Kansas City Bolt and Nut Company
     Kansas City Bottling Company
     Kansas City Breweries Company
     Kansas City Bridge Company
     Kansas City Calcium Light Company
     Kansas City Casket and Furniture Company
     Kansas City Coal and Coke Company
     Kansas City Coal Company
     Kansas City Cooperage Company
     Kansas City Electric Light Company
     Kansas City Elevator Manufacturing Company
     Kansas City Fire and Marine Insurance Company
     Kansas City Fire Shutter Manufacturing Company
     Kansas City Fuel Oil Company
     Kansas City Furniture and Bedding Manufacturing Company
     Kansas City Gas Company
     Kansas City Hay Press Company
     Kansas City Home Telephone Company
     Kansas City Homeopathic Pharmacy
     Kansas City House
     Kansas City Hydraulic Press Brick Company
     Kansas City Ice Company
     Kansas City Lumber and Fuel Company
     Kansas City Lumber Company
     Kansas City Macaroni Manufacturing Company
     Kansas City Machine Works
     Kansas City Machinery Company
     Kansas City Manufacturing and Supply Company
     Kansas City Marble and Tile Company
     Kansas City Milling Company
     Kansas City Mills
     Kansas City Monument Company
     Kansas City Motor Car Company
     Kansas City Pants Company
     Kansas City Paper House
     Kansas City Power and Light Company
     Kansas City Public Service Company
     Kansas City Pump Company
     Kansas City Roofing and Corrugating Company
     Kansas City Rug Company
     Kansas City Salt Fish Company
     Kansas City Sash and Door Company
     Kansas City Scenic Company
     Kansas City Seed and Grain Company
     Kansas City Shale Brick Company
     Kansas City Show Case Works
     Kansas City Slate and Tile Roofing Company
     Kansas City Smelting Company
     Kansas City Southern Grain Elevator
     Kansas City Southern Railway
     Kansas City Spring Bed
     Kansas City Stained Glass and Sign Company
     Kansas City Star
     Kansas City Steam Cider Mills
     Kansas City Stock Yards Company
     Kansas City Storage
     Kansas City Terminal Warehouse Company
     Kansas City Terra Cotta Company
     Kansas City Tin Metal Furnace Company
     Kansas City Towel Supply Company
     Kansas City Transfer Company
     Kansas City Wholesale Grocery Company
     Kansas City Wire and Iron Works
     Kansas City Wreckage Company
     Kansas Coal Company
     Kansas Moline Plow Company
     Kansas-Missouri Elevator Company
     Karges and Cartwright Dry Goods
     Karn's House
     Kasson Wagon Works
     Katzmaier Coal Company
     Kaw Grain Elevator Company
     Keith Furniture Company
     Kelley Milling Company
     Kelley Williams Motor Car Company
     Kellogg-Mackay-Cameron Company and C. A. Burton Machinery Company
     Kelly and Williams Company
     Kemper-Paxton Mercantile Company
     Kent Products Inc.
     Kentucky House
     Keystone Oil Company
     Keystone Trailer & Equipment Company
     King Lumber Company
     Kingman, Moore Implement Company
     Koch Butcher Supplies Company
     Koenig Wagon Company
     Kollman Brothers
     Koppers Company--Wood Preserving Division
     Krakenbuhl Brothers Green House
     L. B. Price Mercantile Company
     L. C. Worth Commission Company
     L. J. Johnson Store and Bank Fixture Manufacturing
     L. L. Coryell Oil Company
     L. N. Davis Boarding
     L. Saffran Overall Factory
     Lafayette Hotel
     Lahoma Hotel
     Landis Transfer and Carriage Company
     Landrus Stove and Foundry Company
     Lanning-Harris Coal and Grain Company
     Laux Carriage Company
     Leach and Hurlburt Lumber Company
     Lechtman Printing Company
     Lee and Lyman Lumber Yard
     Leidigh and Bosworth Lumber Company
     Leo Thompson Bottling Works
     Leritz & Son Storage & Moving Company
     Levin Brothers Company Inc.
     Lewis and Kitchen Heating and Ventilating
     Libbey and Fulton Company
     Lincoln Fireproof Storage Company
     Lincoln House
     Linwood Hotel
     Liquid Carbonic Company Building
     Liquid Carbonic Corporation
     Long Brothers Wholesale Grocery
     Long-Hall Steam Laundry
     Loose-Wiles Cracker & Candy Company
     Lorraine Hotel
     Lucky Tiger Manufacturing Company
     Luzier, Incorporated
     Lyko Medicine Company


     M. Downey Box Factory
     M. J. Crowe's Bakery
     M. K. and T. Trust Company
     M. K. Goetz Brewing Company
     M. Lyon and Company
     M. V. Lyle Rock Company
     Macy's Furniture and Dry Goods Warehouse
     Macy's Store
     Main Hotel
     Main Street Hotel
     Main Street Theater
     Majestic Theater
     Mandelbaum and Company Sausage Factory
     Manor Bakery
     Manor Hotel
     Marquette Hotel
     Marsh Oil Company
     Mart Hall's Livery
     Martin Hotel
     Martin Lumber Company
     Marylin Apartments
     Massa House
     Massey-Harris Company
     Massman Construction Company
     Matthaeis Bakery
     Maurer-Neuer Corporation
     Maxwell McClure Notion Company
     Maxwell-McClure-Fitts Dry Goods Company
     May Coal and Grain Company
     May Material Company
     May, Stern and Company
     McCormick Harvesting Machine Company
     McCray Lumber Company
     McEwen Grain Company
     McKesson and Robbin Drug Company
     McKesson-Faxon Drug Company
     McLaughlin Brothers Importing Sales Stable
     McPike Drug Company
     Mechanics Overall Cleaning Company
     Mellbrook Hotel
     Menown Shephard Manufacturing Company
     Merchandise Mart
     Merchant's Delivery
     Merchants Delivery Company
     Merchants Hotel
     Merchants Refrigerating Company
     Merchants Transfer Company
     Meriden Creamery Company
     Merit Manufacturing Company
     Merrill and Company Lumber Yard
     Meter Box Company
     Metropolitan Hotel
     Metropolitan Street Railway Company
     Meyer Furnace and Supply Company
     Michael-Swanson-Brady Produce Company
     Mid-Central Fish Company
     Mid-Continent Grain Company
     Mid-Continent Paint and Lacquer Manufacturing Company
     Midland Asbestos Manufacturing Company
     Midland Casket Company
     Midland Hotel
     Midland Implement Company
     Midland Shirt and Pants Company
     Midwest Cleaners
     Midwest Hotel
     Midwest Packing Company
     Midwest Paving Company
     Midwest Terminal Warehouse
     Midwest Wool Marketing Company
     Milburn Hotel
     Millbank Manufacturing Company
     Miller-Cooper Ink Company
     Minneapolis Threshing Machine Company
     Minogue Body and Seat Company
     Minter Brothers Grain and Seed Company Elevator
     Mission Carriage and Wagon Works
     Missouri and Kansas Telephone Company
     Missouri Boiler Works
     Missouri Carriage Company
     Missouri Coal Company
     Missouri Dairy Company
     Missouri Grain Company
     Missouri Interstate Paper Company
     Missouri Iron Works
     Missouri Lime and Cement Company
     Missouri Milling and Cattle Company
     Missouri Pacific Elevator
     Missouri Pottery Company
     Missouri Theatre
     Missouri Valley Motor Company
     Missouri Valley Oil Company
     Mitchell's Bakery
     Model Steam Laundry
     Modern Laundry
     Monarch Storage Warehouse
     Monarch Transfer and Storage Company
     Monarch Vinegar Works
     Mondamin Hotel
     Montague Hotel
     Montgomery Ward
     Moore and Seaver Grain Company
     Moore Chemical and Manufacturing Company
     Morgan House
     Morrin-Powers Wholesale Liqours
     Morton's Cafe
     Motor Radio Company Incorporated
     Muehlebach Brewery
     Munger's Laundry
     Murphy Coal and Feed Company
     Murray Elevator Company
     Mutual Transfer Company
     Mystic Chute Amusement Company
     Nafziger Baking Company
     National Battery Corporation
     National Bellas Hess Company, Incorporated
     National Biscuit Company
     National Car Loading Corporation
     National Hotel
     National Lead Company
     National Lumber and Creosoting Company
     National Manufacturing Company
     National Paper Box Company
     National Park Elevator
     National Seating Company
     National Steel Products
     National Theatre
     Nazarene Publishing House
     Nebraska Clothing Company
     Neevel Manufacturing Company
     Neil Barron Coal Company
     Nelson Grain Company
     Netherlands Hotel
     New Albany Hotel
     New Century Hotel
     New Century Theater
     New England House
     New Market Hotel
     New Saint Paul House
     New Sterling Hotel
     New York Life Insurance Company
     Newbern Hotel
     Newby Stove Company
     Newby Transfer and Storage Company
     Newby, Transfer and Storage
     Newkirk and Oliver Sales Stable
     Nichols and Shepard Company
     Nichols Land Company
     Nichols Wire Sheet and Hardware Company
     Noll-Welty Lumber Company
     Norris Grain Company
     North Brothers
     North East Garage
     North Electric Company
     North Kansas City Developing Company
     North-Mehornay Furniture Company
     Nottberg Bros.
     O. N. Hunt Transfer
     Oakley Green Houses
     Oaks Hotel
     Obear-Nester Glass Company
     Old Heidelberg Beer Garden and Restaurant
     Oldham Hotel
     Oldsmobile Motor Company
     Oliver Farm Equipment Sales Company
     On-the-Square Storage and Transfer Company
     Only Way Transfer and Warehouse Company
     Optical Goods Manufacturing
     Orpheum Theater
     Orpheum Theater (Baltimore Avenue)
     Otis Elevator Company
     Otten Hotel


     P. B. Wilson Lumber Company
     P. J. Byrne Lumber Company
     P. Setzler and Sons
     P. Setzler Wine Garden
     Pabst Brewing Company
     Pacific Coast Lumber and Supply Company
     Pacific Express Company
     Pacific House Hotel
     Pacific Mutual Door Company
     Pague Manufacturing Company
     Palace Market
     Palmer Hotel
     Paniplus Company
     Paper Boxes Inc.
     Paramount Petroleum Company
     Paranite Wire and Cable Company
     Parke, Davis and Company
     Parke, Davis and Company Manufacturing Chemists
     Parkview Drugstore
     Parkview Hotel
     Parlin and Orendorff Company
     Paul Ducret Green Houses
     Pay-Way Mills Incorporated
     Peck Woolf Cement Company
     Pennbrook Apartment Hotel
     Pennington Apartment Hotel
     Penrod Jurden and Clark Company
     Penrod Walnut and Veneer Company
     People's Ice and Cold Storage Company
     Peppard Seed Company
     Peppard, J. G. Seeds Building
     Perfection Stove Company
     Perky Brothers Stage and Transfer Company
     Peterson Company
     Peycke Brothers
     Phenix Stone Company
     Philadelphia House
     Phillips Hotel
     Phillips Lumber Company
     Phillips Petroleum Company
     Phoenix Bottling Works
     Phoenix Elevator
     Phoenix Hotel
     Pickwick Hotel
     Pioneer Cap Company
     Pittman Hotel
     Pittsburg Plate Glass Company
     Pla-Mor Amusement Center
     Platt Manufacturing Company
     Platt's Horse Barn
     Plaza Hotel
     Popcorn Novelty Company
     Portland Cement Company
     Portland Hotel
     Portland Paving Company
     Postlewait Company
     Powells Hotel
     Prest Furnace Company
     Price Metal Company
     Price Metal Refining Company
     Prier Brass Manufacturing Company
     Princeton Family Hotel
     Proctor and Gamble
     Progress Laundry
     Pugh Foundry Company
     Pullman Steam Laundry
     Puritan Compressed Gas Corporation
     Purvis Hotel
     Q Elevator
     Quality Apartment Hotel
     Quisenberry Feed Products
     R. L. Faubion Company
     R. L. Sweet Lumber Company
     R. Peltzman Hand Bottles
     R. S. Brown and Son's Greenhouse
     R. T. Coles School
     Railway Express Agency Incorporated
     Raleigh Hotel
     Ralston Purina Company
     Ramon Hotel
     Randolph Handle Company
     Ready Mixed Concrete Company
     Red Star Yeast and Products Company
     Reeve's and Company
     Regal Plastic Company
     Renard Linoleum & Rug Company
     Republic Oil Company
     Rex Welder & Engineering Company
     Richards and Conover Hardware Company
     Richelieu Hotel
     Richland Hotel
     Ridenour-Baker Grocery Company
     Riley, Wilson and Company
     Rinard Linoleum and Rug Company
     Rival Manufacturing Company
     Riverview Hotel
     Roach and Kienzle Sash and Door Company
     Robert Keith Furniture and Carpet Company
     Robinson, Harrison, Thompson Implement Company
     Rochester Brewery
     Rock Flower Company
     Rock Island Implement Company
     Roddis Lumber Veneer Company
     Rodney Milling Company
     Rogers Metal Works
     Roll Coal and Lime Company
     Rose and Weintraub Baking Company
     Roslin Hotel
     Ross Manufacturing Company
     Rossner Lighting and Fixture Company
     Royal Billiard Parlors
     Royal Brewing Company
     Royal Crown Cola Company
     Royal Hotel
     Royal Manufacturing Company
     Rudy Patrick Seed Company
     Rumley Manufacturing Company
     Rupert Diecasting and Stamping Corporation
     Russell Grain Company
     Rust Sash & Door Company
     Rutherford Chile Con Carnie Company
     Rutherford Food Corporation
     Rutledge Oil Company


     S. C. O. Bergs Model and Pattern Shop
     S. E. Massengill Company
     S. Ellis Dairy Farm
     S. L. Cassels Manufacturing Company
     S. M. B. Hunt Sash and Door Company
     S. Ross Broom Factory
     S. W. Noggle Wholesale Restaurant and Bakers Supplies
     S. W. Nogle Hotel and Restaurant Supplies
     S. Z. Schuttes's Lumber Yard
     Safeway Produce Company
     Safeway Stores Inc.
     Saint Francis Hotel
     Saint George Hotel
     Saint James Hotel
     Saint Joe House
     Saint Jose Hotel
     Saint Louis Hotel and Restaurant
     Saint Paul's Reformed Church
     Saint Regis Hotel
     Salvation Army Citadel House
     Salvation Army Hotel
     Salvation Army Rag and Paper Warehouse
     Sammons Furniture Manufacturing Company
     Samuel Murray's Green House
     San Dora Hotel
     Savon Hotel
     Savoy Hotel
     Scarritt Arcade
     Schenley Distillers, Inc.
     Schoenhofen Brewing Company
     Schroeder Manufacturing Company
     Schulze Baking Company
     Schutte Lumber Company
     Schwarzschild and Sulzberger Packing Company
     Schweiger Construction Company
     Scoular-Bishop Eagle Elevator
     Screw Products Manufacturing
     Seaboard Ceramic Company
     Sealy Mattress Company
     Sears, Roebuck and Company
     Security Stove Manufacturing Company
     Seidlitz Paint and Varnish Company
     Sellers and Marquis Roofing Company
     Service Warehouse Company
     Sewall Paint and Varnish Company
     Shankland Jewell Company
     Sheehy Transfer Company
     Sheffield Car and Equipment Company
     Sheffield Foundry Company
     Sheffield Hotel
     Sheffield Steel Company
     Sherwood and Company, Incorporated
     Shield's Hotel
     Shubert Theater
     Shutte Lumber Company
     Silver Laundry Towel Company
     Sinclair Refining Company
     Sinclair Refining Company
     Singer and Sons Produce Company
     Sitka Spruce Lumber Yards
     Skelly Oil Company
     Skidmore Home Oil Company
     Sloan Manufacturing Company
     Smith and Sons Manufacturing Company
     Smith Baking Company
     Smith-Grieves Typesetting Company
     Smith, McCord, Townsend Dry Goods Company
     Smith-Yost Pie Company
     Soden and Smith Greenhouse
     Somerton Apartment Hotel
     Sondamin Hotel
     South Kansas City Furnace Company
     South Side Hotel
     South Troost Fuel and Feed Company
     South Western News Company
     Southern Hotel
     Southern Ice Company
     Southern Oil Company
     Southwest Ornamental Iron Company
     Southwest Steel Corporation Company
     Southwest Warehouse Company
     Southwestern Bell Telephone Company
     Sparks Brothers Mule and Horse Company
     Spear Brand Mills Incorporated
     Speas Vinegar Plant
     Spring Mattress and Wire Works
     St. Nichols Hotel
     St. Regis Paper Company
     Stag Hotel
     Standard Asbestos Manufacturing and Insulating Company
     Standard Brands Inc.
     Standard Brass Manufacturing Company
     Standard Briquette Fuel Company
     Standard Coal Company
     Standard Laundry
     Standard Milk Company
     Standard Oil Company
     Standard Roofing Company
     Standard Sanitary Corporation
     Standard Scale and Foundry Company
     Standard Seed Company
     Standard Shutter and Iron Works
     Star Elevator
     Star Hotel
     State Hotel
     State Line Horse Shoeing Shop
     State Realty Company
     Steel Manufacturing and Warehouse Company
     Stephenson Hotel
     Stern-Slegman-Prins Garment Factory
     Stevens Hotel
     Stewart Sand and Material Company
     Stewart Sand and Materials Company
     Stock Hotel
     Stockyards Hotel
     Stowe Hardware and Supply Company
     Strand Hotel
     Stratford Hotel
     Studd's Transfer Company
     Studebaker Brothers Manufacturing Company
     Stulz Brothers Liqours
     Summe Dairy Company
     Sunny Side Hotel
     Superior Ice and Coal Company
     Superior Ice and Storage Company
     Sutherland Lumber Company
     Sutorias Bread Company
     Suydam's Bakery
     Svea Hotel
     Swenson Construction Company
     Swofford Brothers Dry Goods Store
     T. G. Schweiger Contracting Company Planing Mill
     T. Green Grocer Company
     T. M. James and Sons
     T. M. James and Sons Wholesale China and Queensware
     Tacoma Coal Company
     Tanner Hotel
     Tarkio Molasses Feed Company
     Tattershall Apartment Hotel
     Taylor Laundry Company
     Tegeler Bakery and Mercantile Company
     Tension Envelope Company
     Tent and Awning Factory
     Terminal Hotel
     Terminal Warehouse Company
     The Alamo Hotel
     The Calvin Company
     The Chatham Famiily Hotel
     The Chimes Apartments
     The Daily World
     The Gallatin
     The Geiser Manufacturing Company
     The Lahoma Hotel
     The Murray Machinery Company
     The Normandy Apartments
     The Only Way Transfer and Warehouse Company
     The R-B Company
     The Red Cyprus Door and Sash Company
     The Sewall Paint and Glass Company
     The Standard Printing Company
     The Texas Company
     The White Company
     The Wood Preserving Corporation
     Thompson Hotel
     Thompson-Hayward Chemical Company
     Thomson Transfer Company
     Thomson's Photo Gallery
     Thorn-Halliwell Cement Company
     Tiernan and Dart Steam Printing
     Tiffany Coal Company
     Timberline Inc.
     Tower Theater
     Townley Metal and Hardware Company
     Tramill-Rehn Lumber Company
     Transit Hotel
     Travelers European Hotel
     Tremont Hotel
     Tribute Casket Company
     Trumbull Seed Company
     Tschudy Lumber Company
     Tutton House
     U. S. Rubber Company
     U.S. Engineering Company
     U.S. Supply Company
     Union Bank Note Company
     Union Bridge and Construction Company
     Union Feather Company
     Union National Bank
     Union Steam Laundry
     Union Wire Rope Corporation
     United Artists Corporation
     United Box Manufacturing Company
     United Chemical Company
     United Coal Company
     United Cold Storage Company
     United Film Service Incorporated
     United Jewish Charities
     United Products Corporation
     United Publishing Company
     United States Cold Storage Company
     United States Express Company
     United States Water and Steam Supply Company
     Universal Carloading and Distributing Company
     Universal Pump and Manufacturing Company
     Urie-Snyder Iron Works Company


     Vanderslice and Lynd's Ice and Coal Company
     Vanderslice-Lynds Grain Commission Company
     Vannoy News Company
     Vess Cola Bottling Company
     Vet Manufacturing Company
     Victoria Hotel
     Victoria Theatre
     Victory Hotel
     Viking Refrigerators, Incorporated
     Virginia Hotel
     Virginia House
     Vitagraph Film Exchange
     W. A. Laidlaw Bale Ties
     W. B. Young Supply Company
     W. F. Voight and Company
     W. H. Jennings Manufacturing Company
     W. J. Barnes Greenhouse
     W. J. Barnes' Greenhouses
     W. J. Lemp Brewing Company
     W. L. Rock Flower Company
     W. R. McDonald and Company
     W. S. Dickey Clay Products Company
     W. S. Harriman Coal and Lumber Company
     W. S. Harriman Sash Door and Supply Company
     W. T. Grant Company
     W. T. Kemper Elevator Company
     Wagner Palace Car Company
     Walcott and Lincoln Grain Company
     Walker-Brewster Grocer Company
     Wall's Laundry
     Walter A. Wood Harvester Company
     Ware House Saddlery Company
     Warneke Bakery
     Washburn-Crosby Company
     Washington Hotel
     Washington Steam Laundry
     Waxide Paper Company
     WDAF Radio
     WDAF Television
     Webb Freyschlag Mercantile Company
     Weber Buggy Company
     Weber Engineering Company
     Weber Gas and Gasoline Engine Company
     Weeks Construction Company
     Weiss Beer Brewery
     Welch Sandler Cement
     Wells Fargo and Company
     Wells-Fargo Express Company
     Wentworth and Son
     West End Hotel
     Western Auto Supply Company
     Western Cabinet and Fixture Manufacturing Company
     Western Coalette Fuel Company
     Western Electric Company
     Western Grocer Company
     Western Ice Service Company
     Western Manufacturing Company
     Western Mercantile Company
     Western Methodist Book Concern
     Western Newspaper Union
     Western Paper Box Company
     Western Sash and Door Company
     Western Transfer Company
     Western Union Telegraph Company
     Western Waterproof Oil Clothing Company
     Western-Waxide Specialty
     Westerwhite Lime Company
     Westgate Hotel
     Westinghouse Electric Company
     Westport Coal Company
     Westport Crystal Ice Company
     Westport Mills
     Whitcomb Cabinet Company
     White Goods Manufacturing and Storage
     White House Hotel
     White Motor Company
     White Star Laundry
     Whitman Barnes Manufacturing Company
     Wilcox Electric Company
     Wilde Drop Forge and Tool Company
     Wilde Forge and Tool Company
     Wilkerson Fuel Company
     William Volker and Company
     Willis Wood Theater
     Wilson Athletic Goods Manufacturing Company
     Wilson Jones Company
     Windsor Hotel
     Winona Hotel
     Winwood Hotel
     Witte Engine Works
     Wolferman's Grocery Store
     Wonderland Arcade
     Woodlea Hotel
     Woolf Brothers Laundry Company
     Woolson Spice Company


     Yale Theatre
     Yale's Penny Arcade
     Yellow Cab Company
     York Hotel
     Young Men's Christian Association (Negro)
     Zahner Manufacturing Company
     Zartman and Thauman
     Zenith Milling Company
     Zorn's Washington Laundry