Title: Board of Education (The), [Super]intendents and Twenty-Four of the Principals of Public Schools

Description: Severely damaged composite of portrait photographs of members of the Kansas City Board of Education and principals. Item appears incomplete; source of publication unknown. Portraits include: Benson, W. E., Secretary, Board of Education; Betz, Carl, Superintendent of Physical Culture; Buchanan, J. T., Principal, High School; Buchanan, Elizabeth, Principal, Bryant School; Cammack, I. I., Principal, Lathrop School; Davis, J. C., Principal, Benton School; Faxon, F. A., Member, Board of Education; Greenwood, J. M., Superintendent of Schools; James, J. C., Member, Board of Education; Jaudon, Thos P., Principal, Madison School; Karnes, J. V. C., Vice President, Board of Education; Kinkead, R. G., Principal, Irving School; Lockett, Emma J., Principal, Linwood School; McNeill, I. C., Assistant Superintendent of Schools; Martin, E. L., Member, Board of Education; Norman, J. L., Member, Board of Education; Ridgeway, W. C., Principal, Jackson School; Shelton, U. M., Principal, Franklin School; Swinney, E. F., Treasurer, Board of Education; Thompson, C. W., Principal, Garfield School; Threlkeld, Sallie, Principal, Emerson School; Wardner, A. E., Principal, Longfellow School; White, E. C., Vice Principal, High School; Williams, W. H., Principal, Chase School; Woodward, Wilhemine, Principal, Karnes School; Yeager, R. L., President, Board of Education.

Date: 1895-05

Item Type: Photograph, sepia, 22 x 22 in.

Collection: Missouri Valley Oversize (MVO)

Notes: The MVO (Missouri Valley Oversize) collection contains various types of large size items. Included is art work such as paintings, sculpture, drawings and sketches; photographs, including composite pieces; posters; and other miscellaneous items.

Location: MVO-128F

Subject: School boards; School principals;

Local Subject: Kansas City School Board; Kansas City School District; Benson, William E.; Betz, Carl; Buchanan, J. T.; Buchanan, Elizabeth; Cammack, Ira I.; Davis, J. C.; Faxon, Frank A.; Greenwood, James M.; James, J. C.; Jaudon, Thomas P.; Karnes, Joseph V. C.; Kinkead, R. G.; Lockett, Emma J.; McNeill, I. C.; Martin, Edward L.; Norman, Joseph L.; Ridgeway, W. C.; Shelton, J. M.; Swinney, Edward F.; Thompson, Charles W.; Threlkeld, Sallie; Wardner, A. E.; White, Edwin C.; Williams, W. H.; Woodward, Wilhelmine; Yeager, Robert L.;

Digital Format: tiff imported as jpeg2000

Barcode: 10023135

Repository: Missouri Valley Special Collections, Kansas City Public Library, Kansas City, Missouri

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