Title: Burnham, Munger & Root, Fitz Overalls

Description: Promotional postcard for Fitz Overalls from Burnham, Munger & Root wholesale dry goods house. According to Meg Fisher of San Jose, California (February 2008), the man on the postcard was William Wesley Root (her great grandfather) and the lady was Elizabeth Root Fisher (her grandmother).

Historical Article: This message on this promotional post card might have been true in 1909, when Kansas City had seven overall manufacturers and all of their customers were male. But not today.

In the picture those who do is represented by a railroad engineer with a coat and cap matching his blue denim pants.

Those who don't is a bearded hobo with patches on his pants who is warming a can of beans at a roadside camp.

Those who can't shows a long-skirted, picture-hatted young lady. Today such a young woman might have a wardrobe of blue jeans and denims.

The post card, printed in dark blue, was a Fitz souvenir distributed by the dry goods manufacturers, Burnham, Munger & Root, from their wholesale house at the southeast corner of 8th and Broadway. The factory where Fitz overalls were made was just east of the wholesale house, at 8th and May.

Kansas City Times
August 30, 1975

Author: Ray, Mrs. Sam (Mildred)

Item Type: Postcard

Collection: Mrs. Sam Ray Postcard Collection (SC58)
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Location: SC58

Local Subject: Stores; Burnham, Munger & Root

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