Title: Sanborn Map, Kansas City, Vol. 5, 1940-1941, Page p0628

Description: A portion of Kansas City from Anderson Avenue south to Independence Avenue and from Wheeling Avenue east to Bennington Avenue, showing buildings and streets. Large numbers at edges of page refer to page with adjoining area. Top of sheet indicates that this page number corresponds with pages 688, 712 and 714 in Vol. 5, 1909-1938.

Notes: Volume begins with page 601 and continues to 646 and picks back up after two blank pages at 1201 finishing at page 1241. Pages 1201-1241 are marked as "Kansas City, Mo Vol. 12."

See Also: Key http://www.kchistory.org/u?/Sanborn,1579

Date: 1940-1941

Volume/Map Sheet Number: Vol. 5, Sheet #628

Subject(s): Maps; Cemeteries; Junkyards; Playgrounds;

Local Subject(s): Kansas City Terminal Railway Company; Congregation Tefares Israel Jewish Cemetery;

Businesses: Hoover Battery and Separator Company;

Street Names: Anderson Avenue; Belmont Avenue; Bennington Avenue; Fremont Avenue; Fuller Avenue; Independence Avenue; Roberts Avenue; Wheeling Avenue; White Avenue; Wilson Avenue; Winner Road;

Neighborhood(s): Sheffield; South Indian Mound;

Creator: Sanborn Map Company

Physical Description: map, color, 21 in. x 25 in.

Map Scale: 100 feet = 1 inch

Digital Collection: Sanborn Maps

Digital Format: jpg2

Digital Date: November 8-9, 2004

Barcode: KC5_1940_XXp0628

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