Nelson Gallery of Art Scrapbook

Description: This scrapbook was originally 44 x 58 cm., containing 37 pages of newspaper clippings only. It was disassembled and photocopied, retaining only the legal size photocopies. The scrapbook was presented to the Kansas City Public Library by the "Kansas City Star", accessioned in 1940. The newspaper clippings contained in the scrapbook pertain to the paintings and sculpture located in the Western Gallery of Art which was located at the time in the Kansas City Public Library, 9th and Locust. The articles provide interpretive text concerning the art as well as illustrations. The artwork were reproductions of famous artists donated for the enjoyment of the city by William Rockhill Nelson. An article of Sept. 8, 1901, found on p. 71 of the photocopies, includes a sketch of the art gallery as it was in the library at the time. Almost all of the clippings have citations.
Date: 1900-1918
Location: SC 30-10
Collection: Nelson Gallery of Art Scrapbook
Illustrations: Yes
Note: The Western Gallery of Art was the forerunner of the Nelson Gallery of Art which opened in 1933. William Rockhill Nelson provided the reproductions of art masterpieces and the Kansas City Public Library provided the space for the gallery. The first paintings were given in 1897.


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