SC198 Florence Beal Bolte Willows Maternity Home Collection Finding Aid

Description: This collection contains items relating to the Willows Maternity Home, which operated at 2929 Main in Kansas City, Missouri from 1905 to 1969. Also known as the Willows Maternity Sanitarium or the Willows Maternity Hospital, the institution served as an adoption service and private, temporary home for unwed mothers.
Date: 1915-1930
Language: English
Item Type: Finding Aid
Note: Items in this collection include records of the nursing staff’s alumnae association, Willows publications, scrapbook pages and photographs of nurses and infant patients. Please note that this collection does not contain records of mothers admitted to or children born at the Willows Maternity Hospital.



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I think that my father was


I think that my father was born at the Willows Hospital in August 1915. Is there no way of identifying his father? His mother's name was Effie L. Maud Journey.
Phyllis Nadine Pease Carvo

I am trying to locate the


I am trying to locate the birth of my mother on February 14, 1927. Through DNA I know she came from thr Archibald family and either Helen or Gladys could be her mother. Everyone associated has long since passed away. My mother was adopted at 8 months but this only became known just recently. Can anyone help me?

I'd like to find my mother,


I'd like to find my mother, father, or any siblings, please help. There is a blood test in my papers for Lenice Farmer. Perhaps my mother. I was born at the willows on December 27, 1945. I hope you can find the record.

Hello. Unfortunately this


Hello. Unfortunately this collection does not contain any birth or other vital records. Please email the specifics of your question to and a staff member will be happy to assist you.

I was born at the Willows on


I was born at the Willows on June 13, 1965. I would love to find my birth mother, my birth father or any siblings I might have. I have no information to go on in terms of any names. A nice letter was left for me with statistical information but nothing concrete. I have no idea where to turn to find this. Any help would be so appreciated! Thank you!

Seeing that all records from


Seeing that all records from The Willows were destroy - won't there be records at the state level? Having your DNA tested has now cause people coming out of the wood work saying they are related to you.

Vital records can be


Vital records can be requested through the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. Information about making such a request is here:

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I just received my original


I just received my original Birth certificate. It tells me that I was born at the Willows on August 22, 1956. My mother's name was Sharley Anne Fox Berg. She named me Gayle Berg. She did not name the father. Do you have any information on me? Thank you for any help you can give me. Thank you, Lee Ann Harper (my adopted name)

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