SC79 Seth Ward Account Books Preliminary Inventory

Description: The collection consists of two account books and a few loose papers. The first volume lists notations of receipts and expenditures for both personal and professional expenses, covering 1865 and 1866. The second volume lists similar information for 1875, and includes lists of activity with cattle, some of which list the following: date bred; name of cow; name of bull; calves; sex; color; by whom bred; dispensation of calf. This information spans 1875 through 1877. The second volume also has a commercially printed section entitled "Printed Rules and Regulations for Wagonmasters". Comprising the loose papers are miscellaneous receipts and lists.
Creator: Seth Ward
Date: 1865-1877
Location: SC79
Note: Seth Ward was a frontier trader who spent time during the mid-nineteenth century in Westport, Missouri. Later appointed a sutler at Fort Laramie, Wyoming, Ward returned to the Kansas City area in 1871. He acquired a farm on property running from 51st to 55th, State Line to Wornall Road, where he raised cattle and partook of other farming activities. A portion of this homestead later became Loose Park.


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