Description: Photos, illustrations, and information on the former Wolferman's grocery store known for its English muffins and founded in 1888 by Louis Wolferman (a native of Germany residing at 1521 Charlotte Street) at 317 East 9th Street as a fine foods shop. Later moved to 1108 Walnut Street in 1895 with added restaurant, bakery, and meat market, and later moving to 59th and Brookside Boulevards (1912), 40th and Main Streets (1919), Armour and Main Streets (1937), and 47th and Wyandotte Streets (1923) on the Country Club Plaza, with the founder's son Fred Wolferman (1870-1955) taking over and selling the company's muffins around the world. Last retail store in Kansas City closed in 1972 with bakery products continued by the Sara Lee and then Williams Foods companies.
Location: Vertical File: Wolferman's
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